About Ricky the budgerigar

Budgie Ricky was born on October 16, 2021. As soon as he was born, a bracelet containing his genealogy information was attached to his feet. Ricky lived with his mother until he was 4 months old, then separated from his mother when he was 4 months old and came to me. When he came to me, the bracelet on his foot was making him very uncomfortable. For this reason, I procured special bracelet cutting scissors and cut it off from his foot.

Budgerigar Ricky is 5.5 months old in this picture

Bird Ricky and her Cage Life

After Ricky arrived, I didn’t want to cage him, but I had to. So I decided that he should be in the cage just to sleep at night and locked him in the cage at night. Between 8 pm and 8 am, I chase and catch him and put him in his cage. I take it out in the morning. It flies in the room all day. He is very happy during the day, but not at all in the evening.

I thought there should be a playground where the bird can play during the day, and I made the playground for him, which is shown in this bottom picture. He spends his days playing games in this area.

Bird Ricky and Her Playground

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