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The azalea flower is a type of flower that grows in beautiful colors but has no scent. The Azalea flower is native to Asia and the North region of America. In addition, the azalea flower is a species belonging to the scrub family. The colors of the flower; It can be listed as magenta, yellow, pink and white. The azalea flower represents longing for the beloved.

What Are the Features and Benefits?

There are a few characteristics that people who want to grow azalea flower should know. The most important of these features can be stated that this flower likes shade and cool places. Another feature is bright environments. However, placing it in an indirectly illuminated place is very important for the azalea flower to grow in a healthy way. When the azalea flower enters the development process, it needs fertilizer and vitamin supplements.

Benefits of azalea flower:

– Azalea flower tea is good for gastritis problem. Gastritis is a condition caused by the inflammation of the gastric mucosa due to bacteria. It is possible to prevent this with the azalea flower.
1- It minimizes complaints such as ulcers.
2- It prevents problems such as spasm, stomach aches and indigestion.
3- It prevents bleeding due to hemorrhoids.
4- It treats skin diseases such as eczema.
5- It is good for gum problems. In particular, it prevents the formation of inflammation. In order to see this benefit, it is sufficient to gargle with azalea flower tea kept at room temperature.

How to Maintain?

The azalea flower is a flower that grows in spring with its spring colors. This flower, which grows in colors such as yellow, red, orange, pink and white, is a perennial plant. The azalea flower is a species that germinates immediately and in its first year. There are some tips to take care of the azalea flower correctly. These;

– The soil type that azalea flower likes is rich humus soil. It will be certain to see the flower grown in humus soils bloom very efficiently. However, it likes moist soils.
The azalea flower is a water-loving flower. When watering, it is very important to do it in the same extent. The soil should be watered at regular intervals before it gets too dry.
– When growing azalea flower, the soil should be specially selected. Additional vitamins should not be given by choosing rich and natural soils.
– Azalea flower does not like direct sunlight. However, the flower that gets sunlight indirectly will show healthy development.
– Shady or dark areas are absolutely not suitable for this flower name. In such a case, its flowers may fall off.
– Azalea flower can be grown in pots. If grown in a home environment, as is the case with many salon flowers, it is important to turn it occasionally. Its leaves can stretch towards the sun-exposed environment. Therefore, changing the location once a week will allow the leaf and flower to grow healthier.


The azalea flower species that belong to the Rhododendron family are:

  1. 1-Rhododendron alabamense
  2. 2-Rhododendron arborescens
  3. 3-Rhododendron atlanticum
  4. 4-Rhododendron austrinum
  5. 5-Rhododendron calendulaceum
  6. 6-Rhododendron canescens
  7. 7-Rhododendron cumberlandense
  8. 8-Rhododendron flammeum
  9. 9-Rhododendron molle
  10. 10-Rhododendron occidentale
  11. Rhododendron periclymenoides.

How is the Azalea Flower Propagated?

Now that we have learned how to take care of our flower, we can reproduce it. There are several ways to reproduce azalea. One of them is the method of root separation . In the method of rooting, which is quite easy, we carefully remove the plant from the soil. It is recommended that you do this very slowly and gently to avoid damaging your roots.

New shoots are seen extending from the root of the plant extracted from the soil. Reproduction can be achieved by planting these new plants in separate pots. Another azalea reproduction method is the top steel method. While the azalea is reproduced with top steel,  a piece of 8 – 10 cm is cut from the top of the developed branches. These branches are planted in new pots.

Another azalea propagation method is seed propagation. How to plant azalea seeds? When planting seeds, it is necessary to create a closed greenhouse effect. This will accelerate germination. It is planted in the medium depth of the soil. Seeds should be sprinkled sparsely.

If you are growing it in the garden, it will be useful to wait for the spring. It is a suitable season for the soil to get a little warm and rain while the plant does not get cold.

The azalea flower can maintain its own continuity. This means that azaleas growing in gardens often shed their seeds close to them, so it is very likely that new azaleas will grow next to them. You can take these azaleas grown naturally from their roots and place them in pots.

When do azaleas bloom?

If you live in a warm region, your azaleas will start to smile in early spring. If it is desired to reduce the flowering period of the azalea plant, which has a flowering for 2 weeks to 1 month, when the summer heat begins, the plant can be taken to a bright and shady area and irrigation can be continued in the same way. In this case, flowering kalen azaleas were observed until the end of summer and even in the autumn.

Azalea Flower as a Bonsai

The azalea, which is in the form of a bush, also displays a very stylish appearance as a bonsai. Considering that it is a dwarf plant with colorful and abundant flowers, it is not difficult to turn it into a bonsai tree.

After your bonsai plant reaches a certain size, you need to prevent your plant from growing and growing. Spring is quite suitable for this. Because the flowers will begin to grow gradually and the plant will direct all its power there. It will not be good for your plant to start pruning before veal.

Prune all branches except for the ones you have identified as your outline as soon as the buds slowly begin to swell. Azalea is a plant that can give numerous flowers on a branch. So don’t worry, your bonsai azalea will bloom too much.

In order for the soil surface of the plant to remain moist, you should take care to keep the surface wet. In order not to damage the roots, you can add moss to the soil surface instead of frequent irrigation.

Then we take our plant in a bright but semi-shade environment where it cannot receive direct sunlight. It is very important to water the azaleas that are in a sensitive period. Irrigate using only drinking water. If you have the opportunity to find rainwater, you can also use it.

When the flowers start to bloom, we continue watering more precisely and we make an effort not to get the flowers wet.

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