If You Will Buy Fiber Boat Sandal For Fishing in Turkey

Fishing Introduction Beginner Requirements Fiber Boat

You decide to buy a boat and fish, but is an official document required? Can we sail according to our head after buying a boat? What kind of documents can the coast guard come to us when we sail? If you are going to buy a fiber boat for fishing, read on.How to buy fiber boat ?

First of all, if you want to get rid of documents such as official documents, licenses, licenses as much as possible, the boat or fiber boat you will buy should not exceed 4.99 meters. If you are going to install a motor on this boat, the engine you will install should not exceed 9.9 hp. If it is 10 hp, ADB, ie a driving license is required to use the boat. If the height is 5 meters or more, you will pay taxes at the following rates.Buy fiber boat and swimm

Fee Amount (TL)
5 meters to 9 meters 200 TL
Those from 9 meters to 12 meters are 400 TL
From 12 meters to 20 meters 800 TL
20 meters to 30 meters 1.600 TL
Those over 30 meters are 3,200 TL

If the boat we bought does not exceed 4.99 meters in length and 9.9 hp in engine power, then there is no need for a driver’s license, but a mooring log license is needed. Speaking of driving license, the other name of the license to use the boat is ADB. So the amateur nautical certificate is a blue document. With this document, you can use boats up to 24 meters with a motor of 10 horsepower or more.

The document to be taken before buying a boat is ABB (Amateur Fishing Certificate). In other words, you can get the amateur fishing certificate from the district agricultural directorates.

Things To Pay Attention To When Buying A Boat:

1-The boat must have a bill.

2-The engine of the boat must also have a bill.

3-CE conformity certificate is required.

4-After receiving the boat, an application is made to the Regional Directorate in places where the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs is a Regional Directorate, or to the Harbor Master, with the invoice and CE certificate.

Later, in order to get Mooring Register License;

• All boats and yachts for private use must be registered in the mooring log and licensed. Mooring post license is issued for 5 years and must be visa every year. Licenses of private boats over five meters in length must be VISA EVERY YEAR.

Annual visa fees:

315.25 TL for boats from 5 meters to 9 meters
626,55 TL for boats from 9 meters to 12 meters
1253.30 TL for boats from 12 meters to 20 meters
2.506.75 TL for boats from 20 meters to 30 meters
5.013,55 TL for boats longer than 30 meters

Are boats smaller than 5 meters exempted from the Mooring Log License?
Boats smaller than 5 meters should also be registered in the mooring log. However, boats smaller than 5 meters are exempted from the annual visa. The mooring register license must be renewed every 5 years.

Do I have to have the mooring log license on my boat?
Mooring log license must be kept in the boat. Boats that do not have a mooring log license are banned from voyage and connected to the nearest port.

If the length of your boat is greater than 2.5 meters, it is mandatory to register it in the Mooring Log at the Port Authorities. – Boat, boat name, mooring register number and mooring port are written in indelible, indestructible and legible letters and numbers.
Naming the Boat:

Name application is made through the online transactions department of the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs.
A Certificate of Ownership is obtained from the Port Authority with the signature of the headman and 2 witnesses.
3 Petition (taken from the port authority)
4 Boat measurement
5 3 pictures of the boat (from right, left and back)


a) Requesting name and obtaining name approval for the ship, sea and inland watercraft on the internet,

b) Applying to the relevant Port Authority for tonnage measurement,

c) The tonnage measurement is made by the Port Authority and the tonnage certificate is issued,

d) Applying with a petition for registration in the binding register,

e) Completing the registration in the binding register and issuing the license.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION IN THE MOORING BOOK: If you buy fiber boat please read this. Registration in the mooring register is made upon the written request of the owner or operators of the ship, sea and inland watercraft or their representatives or legal representatives. The request is made to the relevant presidency responsible for keeping the binding register in writing. The request petition is filled and signed by the requester in accordance with the form determined by the Administration and delivered to the relevant presidency. The date and time of the request, along with the minute, are recorded and signed by the registrar upon the petition. The request is deemed to have been made as of this hour. The documents required for the registration of the ship, sea and inland watercraft in the mooring register are given below: a) Request petition,
b) If the applicant is a real person, T.R. identification number, tax number if legal entity,
c) Passport information for foreigners,
ç) Document showing that it is the rightful owner,
d) Tonnage certificate or measurement report,
e) Other documents that may be deemed necessary by the Administration.

In addition, a document showing that the license fee has been paid for all ships, sea and inland watercraft, except for those less than 5 meters in length, must be submitted during the application. In other words, it is not necessary to register boats whose engine power exceeds a certain value as in the past. A boat of 5.00 m and above is subject to annual fees even if it has a 1 HP motor. A boat with a length of 4.99 m and a power of 200 Hp is exempt from fees.

Year 2009 Year 2010 Year 2011
Those up to 5 meters are not subject to 0.00 m – 4.99 m Charge Not subject to Charge Not subject to charge
5 meters to 9 meters 5.00 m – 8.99 m 200 TL 220 TL 236.90 TL
From 9 meters to 12 meters 9,00 m –11,99 m 400 TL 440 TL 473,80 TL
From 12 meters to 20 meters 12.00 m – 19.99 m 800 TL 880 TL 947.70 TL
20 meters to 30 meters 20.00 m – 29.99 m 1.600 TL 1.760 TL 1.895,50 TL
Those over 30 meters 30.00 m and above 3.200 TL 3.520 TL 3.791,00 TL

11- PENALTY IF NOT PAID (1) According to the maritime legislation, ships, sea and inland watercraft that do not have a license or do not receive a visa on time.
Compulsory documents to be issued are not issued, and he is not allowed to go on voyage, even within the port and inland water. The arbitrariness is reported to the authorized Coast Guard Boat Commands. Compliance with this sanction is monitored and controlled by the Coast Guard Boat Commands for ships and marine vehicles. (3) In inland waters, the monitoring and controls specified in the second paragraph are carried out by the gendarmerie or police organization or the relevant unit of the municipality. You can reach it at /www.denizcilik.gov.tr/dm/BK/soru_cevap.html
You Cannot Sell Fish Caught By Amateur Fishing !!

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs declared in its annually renewed notification that the sale of all kinds of water products caught by amateur fishermen is prohibited. ARTICLE 18 – (1) It is forbidden to sell any fishery products caught by amateur fishing, transport them alive and leave them to other sources.
How Many People Can Ride On The Boat?

According to the decision, boats with a full length of 5 meters and below can accommodate a maximum of 2 people, boats between 5-10 meters can accommodate 3 people, and boats 10 meters and above can accommodate 5 people. Social distance will be maintained on the boat and a mask will be used.

ADB Amateur Seaman’s Certificate Cost:

OPTION 1: Inheritance and Fees Tax Office for the year 2019 Amateur Seaman’s Document Fee 39.70 TL – Short Distance Radio Document Fee 25.10 TL can be paid. 2. OPTION: It can be deposited from Halk Bank branches by generating the code “C” with the e-government password from the address https://oderler.udhb.gov.tr.

What is a Private Boat?

Private Boat; In short, they are boats of your own, up to 24 meters in length, that you do not use in any commercial activity. If you use a boat without your license, ie ADB, that is, if you use a boat larger than 4.99 meters or 9.9 horsepower, the penalty is 2.500.00 TL.GO

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