Can a Budgie be given apple cider vinegar? Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Birds

Apple Cider Vinegar for Birds

In birds, Apple cider vinegar is like a natural remedy. It has innumerable benefits. So what are they, how to use them, let’s talk about them.

When to use apple cider vinegar.

First of all, we can say that vinegar is a natural intestinal regulator. It helps excretion especially in constipated birds. One of the common issues in birds is internal parasites. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove internal parasites from the body. Also, lice and fleas do not like vinegar. We can help protect birds from external parasites by putting vinegar in their bath water. It also makes your hair shine brighter.

How to use apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is used as 2 drops in a full glass of water. Once every two weeks is enough. Because excess is harmful to the bird. In particular, it will cause the bird to have diarrhea.
Can we use grapes instead of apple cider vinegar?
We cannot use grape cider vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar. In addition, it should be preferred that apple cider vinegar be homemade.

Will vinegar harm the budgie?

Hair cleaning of animals can be done with the help of various drugs, as well as with vinegar. In this case, the trick is to clean with vinegar without going overboard. The points to know about whether vinegar will harm the budgerigar are as follows:

When the cleaning of the bird is not carried out at sufficient levels, lice or fleas are observed.
In such cases, the budgie can be cleaned with vinegar. However, since birds are extremely delicate, no more than 2 to 3 drops of vinegar should be applied.
Excessive and continued use of vinegar can harm birds.
Apple cider vinegar should be used once in 2 weeks for budgies. When this period is increased, the budgerigar may suffer from drying disease.
Which vinegar water for the budgerigar?
Birds that do not pay attention to their cleanliness can sometimes have difficulties in cleaning themselves. At this point, a cleaning routine with vinegar water can be performed for budgies. The points to be considered about which vinegar water is good for the budgerigar are as follows:

The use of vinegar water for budgies is extremely common. At this point, the element to be careful about is the type of vinegar. Grape vinegar is not good for budgies.
Apple cider vinegar is one of the most recommended and used for budgies. Budgerigars are delicate creatures. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right vinegar and in the right proportions.

Does apple cider vinegar kill lice?

The use of grape vinegar is not recommended for birds. At this point, apple cider vinegar is effective. Here are some things to know about whether apple cider vinegar is enough to kill lice:

Budgerigars can get lice for a variety of reasons. If this situation is noticed, drug treatment should be started.
When there is no medicine at home and you need to intervene quickly, you can choose apple cider vinegar.
It is seen as an effective solution to clean the bird by adding 2 drops of apple cider vinegar to the bird’s bath water.
The powerful probiotics contained in apple cider vinegar have the power to kill lice while not harming the bird. Therefore, protection measures can be taken against lice by cleaning the budgerigar with vinegar water.

How do we know if a budgie has lice?

Lice can occur in budgies that are not regularly bathed by not paying attention to their cleanliness. In this case, taking the necessary precautions is important for the health of the bird. The points that need to be known in order to understand that the budgerigar has lice are as follows:

Lice in budgerigars feed on the bird’s blood and dead skin. The proliferation of lice over time indicates greater absorption of the bird’s blood. As a result, the bird may become weak and sluggish.
Your bird tends to scratch constantly, as lice will cause the bird to itch. It may begin to pick its feathers with its beak.
He may try to scratch himself by rubbing against the cage. His hair becomes fluffy.
After detecting some of these factors, it may be an effective method to closely monitor your bird and seek veterinary assistance.

How to treat fungal disease in budgies?

Various diseases can occur when the cleanliness of the birds is not taken care of. Fungal disease is one of them. Things to do to clear fungal disease in budgies are as follows:

The fungal disease is also called candida albicans. It is a well-known disorder that occurs most of the time in cage birds.
The disease may occur in the eye area and begin to spread.
When the disease is noticed, the mushroomed area should be cleaned with the help of oxygenated water. Thus, the bird’s skin can be purified from dead cells.
It would be helpful to take your bird to the vet for expert help so that the fungal infection does not spread further.

How to clean a budgerigar cage with vinegar?

In case of parasitism of birds, first of all, bird health should be taken under control and then the bird’s belongings should be sterilized. At this point, cleaning the budgie’s cage with vinegar is as follows:Budgerigars can be cleaned with vinegar water.
By adding vinegar to the cleaning water of the cage, after detailed washing and wiping, the bird’s cage is purified from parasites and is suitable for reuse.

Apple cider vinegar is used and recommended, with some hearsay information of all people who feed budgerigars. As mentioned, is apple cider vinegar a beneficial food for budgies? Does it have any effect when given to a bird that is sick with any microorganism? Can it be given as a preservative? What is the difference between apple cider vinegar on the market and apple cider vinegar made by hand? Can apple cider vinegar be used as a disinfectant in birds? I am writing the answers to all these questions by reading the relevant part of three veterinary books written about exotic birds, and obtaining them from test articles made with various apple cider vinegar. The part that interests me and the part that I recommend in these articles; In general, there is a lack of information and tests that have not been advanced. Still, there are articles about the use of apple cider vinegar in budgerigars in some articles, but the details have not been entered into much in order not to deviate from the subject and conflict. While reading this article, you should be open to other articles and articles. New information can be obtained or disproved. I have listed the answer to each question separately. It will be more efficient in terms of reading and design.

Is apple cider vinegar beneficial for budgies?

Today, there are different apple cider vinegars available, the important thing is that you should not use buffered apple cider vinegar, which you do not know and do not trust, in birds. It is important whether there is a type of bacteria or any bacteria in it. There is a consensus that most apple cider vinegars are not probiotics. Data on bacteria or yeast species that can be considered beneficial in the mother vinegar phase formed in natural fermentation are very limited. Bacteria belonging to the Ascetobacter family are not mentioned under the name of probiotics in the current lists. It is said that it benefits bacteria in the Lactobacillus family because they cannot live in the intestine for a long time. That’s why some articles state that it is a prebiotic, not a probiotic.

It is definitely mentioned in the reports or in any analysis tests that the bacteria in vinegar do not fall into the probiotic class. In all the article reports that I could look at, the bacteria that would be controversial have not even been tested (as far as I can see). In addition, there are articles about the presence of lactic acid bacteria at a low rate during the formation, but due to the low rate, giving it as a probiotic will weaken compared to other probiotic supplements. We can mention that it acts as a prebiotic for beneficial bacteria, especially since it contains potassium, magnesium and malic acid. In the use of apple cider vinegar in budgerigars, it is considered appropriate to add 10-15 ml/liter to their water at regular intervals. The aim is to acidify drinking water. It is to reduce the formation of bacteria in the water and slow down their reproduction. It is also stated to facilitate digestion.

Does apple cider vinegar have an antimicrobial effect on budgies?

Throughout the studies, the MIC values ​​of apple cider vinegar were examined by freeze drying, that is, lyophilization method, and it was determined that it was effective on E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria. An important point is that the antimicrobial effect of vinegar gave positive results in the MIC test, but it is not known whether the potogens kill or end their reproduction. MBC test is necessary for understanding, but studies have not gone far. I couldn’t find the MBC test on the internet either.
Vinegar, which is used without the normal lyophilization method, is in the digestive system of budgerigars; the effect of absorbed components will be diluted. Although it varies according to the vinegar used, it is definitely not a treatment method. It is stated that it can also be used in Candida infection (usually in mild candida infections) because it changes the acid balance in the stomach and crop, reduces its effect but is not eliminated.

What is the Difference Between Artificial Cider Vinegar and Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar?

It is obtained by adding more acetic acid than necessary into artificial apple cider vinegar. That’s why most of the market vinegars are sharper. In addition, substances such as preservatives and sulfur dioxide are added. It becomes difficult to know whether there are still active vinegar bacteria in the processed, in the drink.

Fermented vinegar, on the other hand, is the conversion of the fruit to alcohol in the first fermentation with its own sugar and then to acetic acid. Acetic acid is the mother of vinegar formed by bacteria, in the phase where it is converted into acetic acid and alcohol is minimized. It occurs in at least 5 months (depending on the fruit, the water used and the storage conditions).

Can apple cider vinegar be given to budgerigars to protect their health?

Some water acidifying products used for birds are used as supplements for birds to digest more efficiently. But I have not come across many in our country. It is said that it can be used for apple cider vinegar based on the rate of 10-15 ml/liter.

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