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Hello, welcome to the video that contains the explanation of the game named Legendary Championship Football Menager Cm 03-04. You can download Football Manager Game from the link below. cm 03-04 football manager learn.

Cm 03-04 Football Manager Game

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The Cm 03 04 game was a newly released game that was released 17 years ago, in 2003. Cell phones were in chock mode at the time, smartphones weren’t there yet. But there was a football manager game and it was very popular. cm 03-04 football manager learn


In the past, emotions were at the forefront, even if there were not as many games as today. Therefore, the games played were approached emotionally and emotional ties were established. For this reason, the old games have a different place.

3-4 friends in an internet cafe were switching to a computer and opening cm 03 04. Someone was becoming the main machine, namely the presenter, and choosing his team to play. The others were connected to that machine and picked one of the 17 football teams except the first selected team and started their own league. Also, neither league was making transfers before the season started, according to the budget of the team that each manager controlled.


When the season started, fierce matches were held, as if they were really playing with excitement like the manager of Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.

At that time I was struggling to make transfers to foreign internet cafe felt I could understand the feelings of the players because I get to play them operating in four major league teams to participate. Türki area that is full of foreign players quota

However, he would sell the bad foreign players in his hand, make room and make a new foreign transfer to the place.

However, when 3 years have passed, that is, if I do not remember correctly, in the 2006 – 2007 season, the foreign players in the team were

There was a place in the quota, and now there was an opportunity to recruit new foreigners.

Was it Fm 2006 or 2007 after Cm 03 04? There was a game saying that it was a football manager game in this game, it was beautiful and it could be played.

But for me, cm 03-04 could not replace. In fact, there was a football manager game before cm 03-04, which was even more popular than cm 03-04.

The best player in this game, as far as I know, was Maxim Tsigalko. Tsigalko was wearing the Belarusta shirt, I think.

If I don’t remember the name of this game wrong, I think it was cm 01-02 and it should be the first football management game.

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