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written date: 2018-07

‘The two best footballers of all time are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, which the whole world agrees on. Throughout history, football has never been played so ‘effectively’ by individuals and there is no third person who has reached such crazy statistical figures that they can come close to them.

who is 1., who is 2. is a mystery and open to discussion. some years lionel messi, some years cristiano ronaldo outperformed. but my vote is in favor of Messi, considering the total performance they have shown throughout their careers, not daily.

I will examine the comparison of two giant football players with “3 different phases that Lionel Messi went through”. so why ‘over leo and not over cristiano?’, let me explain it as follows. While cristiano ronaldo has kept his form (more or less) at the same level over the years with incredible ambition and stability, lionel messi’s form (2009 –> 2018) is divided into 3 separate periods. In other words, the winner of this comparison over the years was determined by the slightly inclined form of lionel messi, rather than cristiano ronaldo, who is the winner after 30 years of age, whose self-confident leadership quality is exuberant and usually does not fall below a certain level.

———- first period of competition ———-
— messi what is this guy? years —
——— 2008/2009 –> 2011/12 ———

Lionel Messi was dominant in the 4 seasons played between 2009 and 2012 in terms of being the winner of this debate.

okay, fc barcelona was running as a team back then but this kid clearly had a football fever in him; the element was on fire. long hair and smiling good family boy legend lionel messi.

the same era was a beastly actor in cristiano ronaldo. he was stats as always, but hey. the embodiment of the word ambition, he was almost tearing his ass to pass Messi. Just as messi’s space-level football looked effortlessly natural, cr7’s game was just the opposite; in other words, it was clear that it was a level reached by a superhuman effort.

Therefore, between 2009 and 2012, in this equation, cristiano ronaldo was like İsmet İnönü compared to Atatürk*.

Lionel Messi, the son of this animal, scored 50 (!) and 73 (!) goals in La Liga in the 2011/12 season (age 24) with the FC Barcelona jersey; How can anyone compete with this level? Look, this is a drama. because in the same season (2011/12 – age 27) he was playing the ball of his life* for cristiano ronaldo, and he reached 60 goals in the year, the highest stat of his entire career, but in vain. lionel messi was better than this cube of ambition even that year.

———- ballon d’or ———-
— 2007/08 – c ronaldo (age 23) —
While cristiano ronaldo was the classic 4-4-2 right wing that fed the forward (ruud van nistelrooy) in his early years at manchester united, he took on a more offensive role over time. In his 5th year with the team (2007/08, age 23), he scored more goals than a winger could imagine in old-style football (33 games in the league, 31 goals and 5 assists), and became the first midfielder to become the top scorer in the history of the premier league. – The fact that wayne rooney* is a more backward-leaning striker at the forward end has a big impact on this, of course. –

The player who lifted both the premier league and champions league cups won the first ballon d’or of his career that year:
Leo Messi, on the other hand, was a 20-year-old midget player who spent his 3rd year in the team at that time. The stars of the team were ronaldinho gaucho, the incarnation of joga bonito, and super forward samuel eto’o. so the fatal conflict between ronoldo and messi hadn’t started yet.

— 2000/09 – lionel messi (age 21) —

Messi’s boom year. ex-deity ronaldinho, who had fallen from power at the beginning of the year, and was the priest with the team’s other star eto’o, was sent from the team; the new god was lionel messi, who exploded on the 21st.
The inexperienced coach Pep Guardiola, who was brought to the head of barça from team B that season, gave FC Barcelona the title of “the team that won 3 big trophies in the same season” (champions league, la liga, copa del rey) in the history of Spain.
As for cristiano, real madrid had a great deal of transfer before the season started. an iconic reaction came from the legendary technical man Alex Ferguson to this insistence; “I don’t even sell viruses to the mafia”. Cristiano (age 24), who entered his 6th season in the team, could not show a surreal performance as last year due to his real hook. nevertheless, he managed to reach the finals in the champions league with his team and the ronaldo-messi duo clashed for the first time as the superstars of their teams. As I said in the final, where Messi scored, the cup went to Pep Guardiola Barça:

— 2009/10 – lionel messi (age 22) —

cristiano ronaldo broke the transfer record (94m € – age 25) transferred to real madrid “r madrid cr7 – barcali messi”, which will mark football, has officially started. In the era of FC Barcelona, ​​who played perhaps the best football of Messi ever (dl eric abidal, dc gerard pique, dc carles puyol, dr dani alves, dmc young Sergio busquets (21), dmc yaya toure, andres iniesta, xavi hernandez , lw/st thierry henry, st zlatan ıbrahimovic**) it is advantageous. If I said barça is advantageous, real is not an empty team, don’t get me wrong. gk iker casillas, dl marcelo, dc Sergio ramos, dc pepe, dmc xabi alonso, mc guti, uncle kaka, fc higuain, backup young karim benzema blah; They have a staff like animals.

That season, Messi had a blast once and for the first time in his career, he reached animal statistics (34 goals 10 assists in 35 games in La Liga, 45 goals in 50 games in total).
barça became the league champion with 3 points ahead of rm. la liga top scorer went to messi with 34 goals, second place was c ronaldo with 26 goals (la liga 29m – 26g 7a, a total of 35 matches 33 goals).

personal statistics;

Lionel Messi (age 22):
la liga 35 games 34 goals 11 assists, şl 11 games 8 goals 0 assists, 47 goals 12 assists in a total of 53 games.
cristiano ronaldo (age 25):
la liga 29 games 26 goals 9 assists, şl 6 games 7 goals 1 assist, 33 goals 10 assists in 35 games in total.

— 2010/11 – lionel messi (age 23) —

champions league and la league champion messi (4 points ahead of rm).
messi scores again in the final and barça beats manchester united again:

personal statistics;

Lionel Messi (age 23):
la liga 33 games 31 goals 18 assists, CL 13 games 12 goals 4 assists (CL goal record), 53 goals in 55 games in total.
cristiano ronaldo (age 26):
la liga 34 games 40 goals 11 assists (la liga goal record), şl 12 games 6 goals assists, 53 goals in 54 games in total.

— 2011/12 – lionel messi (age 24) —
No Such Thing! lionel messi is showing the best 1st ever, cristiano ronaldo 2nd individual player performance and they are catching unprecedented goal statistics. These statistics went down in history as the career peak figures of the players. Lionel Messi raised the bar to space with 73 goals (!!!) in 57 games. Cristiano Ronaldo also found 60 goals in 55 matches.

When the players played side by side over the years, real madrid started to establish the team game like barça and became the la liga champion with a record score (100) by scoring 9 points (to barça). Messi reached an unprecedented number of goals in the league (50!!!) and scored an animal number of goals (46) and destroyed cr7, who could not be the top scorer.

personal statistics;
Lionel Messi (age 24):
la liga 37 games 50 goals (la liga goal record) 19 assists, cs 11 games 14 goals 5 assists (cl goal record), 73 goals 32 assists in 60 games in total
cristiano ronaldo (age 27):
la liga 38 games 46 goals 12 assists CL 10 games 10 goals 3 assists, 60 goals 15 assists in 55 games in total.

—–ballon d’or—–
2008 – cristiano ronaldo
2009 – lionel messi
2010 – lionel messi
2011 – lionel messi
2012 – lionel messi
—–ballon d’or—–…c3f7ffc4678778d4ed0546e23.jpg…o/cristiano_ronaldomad.jpg….jpg?quality=75&auto=webp…after-injury-07.jpg…51-2007662195.1653199584…after-injury-01.jpg

———- second term ———-
—-short hair, master messi —-
—- 2012/2013 –> 2014/15 —-

Lionel Messi’s first child, Thiago, was born, and his inaccessible level of trans-universe football has slowly come closer to galactic standards over the years. so in fact, cristiano ronaldo did not rise to the level of ‘above the galaxies’ lionel messi. Leo descended to the level of Milky Way Cristiano Ronaldo*.

Of course, this did not happen suddenly. The period I am talking about is between 2012/13 season and 2014/15. He was again one of the two best players in the world. his football was still way above the world level but now ‘cristiano ronaldo? lionel messi?’ A better player had become debatable.

For this period, my vote is for Lionel Messi again, but I respect those who say Cristiano Ronaldo. Seasonal performance-based awards, 2v1 towards cristiano ronaldo:

— 2012/13 – cristiano ronaldo (age 28) —

real madrid made a quiet transfer of luka modric (tottenham – €33m). Thus, the first leg of the rm midfielder trio that will mark the future of world football (casemiro – modric – toni kroos) joined the team. though that season, there is a legendary undercover hero like xabi alonso (dmc) instead of casemiro. The team has xabi alonso, kaka, essien, mesut ozil, luka modric, an abnormal central midfielder.

Gareth ballet leg of the offensive trio (gareth bale – karim benzema – cristiano ronaldo) that will win 4 sl cups in the future in 5 years is not in the team yet. instead, high-level names such as gonzalo higuain, kaka, and mesut ozil are playing.

however, they are not better than the still sitting barça squad and for the first time in a long time in la liga, barça is ahead of real by 15 points (100).

I think Messi was better than Ronaldo again this year. Crazy La Liga statistics tell it all, but Ronaldo’s better performance than Messi in the Champions League first 16, quarter and semi-finals brought him the Ballon d’Or award. – Both Spanish giants were eliminated by the Germans* in the semi-finals. When the stupid Germans won the trophy this year, the ballon d’or had to go to the offensive winger franck ribery, who scored 1 goal in 12 games in the champions league. This event is proof that the fact that cronaldo and messi went a little below the space bar they took, started to sound like a fall to people’s ears. ‘it’s not the same as before’ deer starts when 55 goals are scored instead of 70 (!) goals in a year. In the future, this will be shit, people will be disappointed when you score 30 goals in the league, etc. –

personal statistics;
Lionel Messi (age 25):
la liga 32 games 46 goals 13 assists, şl 11 games 8 goals 3 assists, a total of 60 goals in 50 games 17 assists
cristiano ronaldo (age 28):
la liga 34 games 34 goals 11 assists, şl 12 games 12 goals 1 assist, 55 goals 13 assists in 55 games in total.

— 2013/14 – cristiano ronaldo (age 29) —
This is the first season where cristiano ronaldo beat lionel messi to eze eze. We can say that the period of slight performance decline has started compared to the old level of Messi, which I mentioned at the beginning of the article.
Messi and Ronaldo are such highly professional players who take such good care of themselves that they have not been seriously injured for many years despite being kicked. Unfortunately for Leo, that success was broken at the 26th and he spent most of the first half unproductive due to a calf injury. – In fact, he spent 4 months between the beginning of October and the beginning of February without scoring a goal in La Liga. – then he picked up and continued from where he left off to bomb the opponent’s castles, but fc barcelona*, the team that played the lowest semi-finals in the champions league in the last 6 seasons (2007/08 –> 2012/13), bid farewell to the cup in the quarter-finals after years.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, is making the world transfer record-breaking Gareth Bale transfer (101m € – age 23) at the beginning of the season, and the legendary rm offensive trio (ballet-benzema-cronaldo) was formed, which will win 4 champions leagues in the next 5 years. In the defensive midfielder, young casemiro (21) joined the team and started to get a football internship from his older brother, the legend Xabi Alonso, who played in the same position. Considering that most of the other players have been playing side by side for years, this is the season when the foundation of the legendary squad with 4 şl cups (excluding the toni kroos piece) is completed.

With the effect of this, cristiano got excited in the champions league and broke the records with 17 goals in 11 matches. finally, he managed to win the champions league trophy to real madrid years later:

Losing the champions league cup to real madrid in the final, atlético madrid, with a clear budget and powerless against 2 spanish giants, made history in la liga and became champion. – the times when diego simeone was a legend by playing defensive tactic to the death against giants rightly. He couldn’t improve himself a gram afterwards and became obsolete for modern football. Against all the money spent, he still puts the team on the field with a disgusting defensive format, that’s another matter. –

personal statistics;
Lionel Messi (age 26):
la liga 31 games 28 goals 11 assists, şl 7 games 8 goals 0 assists, 41 goals 17 assists in a total of 46 games
cristiano ronaldo (age 29):
la liga 30 games 31 goals 11 assists, CL 11 games 17 goals 5 assists (cL goal record), 51 goals 17 assists in a total of 47 games.

— 2014/15 – lionel messi (age 27) —

personal statistics;
Lionel Messi (age 27):
la liga 31 games 28 goals 11 assists, şl 13 games 10 goals 6 assists, 58 goals 31 assists in a total of 57 games
cristiano ronaldo (age 30):
la liga 35 games 48 goals 17 assists, şl 12 games 10 goals 4 assists, a total of 61 goals 23 assists in 54 games

—–ballon d’or—–
2013 – cristiano ronaldo
2014 – cristiano ronaldo
2015 – lionel messi
—–ballon d’or—–…/06/cristiano-ronaldo.jpg…a-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg…1417336285.jpg…06/lionel-messi-museum.jpg…5/09/ronaldo.jpg…views-football.jpg…o-ronaldo-workout.jpg

————- third term ————-
-tavern man messi trying to be cool-
———- 2015/2016 – 2016/17 ———-

Something happened to Lionel Messi, the child of our smiling family, in the 2015/16 season and after. he must be tired of the good family boy image; He began to emulate the bastard cristiano ronaldo, who was obviously the antithesis of himself. ‘I have a character too, look, I’m a cool guy too.’ got into his head. the first season (2015/16) came with small tattoos on the arms and legs:…36a1–messi-soccer-messi-.jpg…ssi-vs-ronaldo-super-169.jpg
Afterwards (2016/17) as his image was tarnished, he turned to the tavernist aldo, lionel messi lord:…white-hair.jpg…ict000262596525.jpg?w=736

They say, ‘An unfamiliar ass does not freeze’. Even if cristiano ronaldo was an Apache, he was a name that carried his own character and style with self-confidence and pride like armor. On the other hand, lionel messi turned into a spy with his new image (as he moved away from the original).

It’s as if Lionel Messi lost his ‘football fever’ in this image change period I mentioned. In this mood, we see less of the smiling Leo. on the other hand, it has become noticeably thicker than it was 2-3 years ago, and it started to compromise its old whirring flea style. Although cristiano ronaldo is 2 years older than lionel messi (as a product of overwork), he has managed to increase his inhuman physical strength and stamina even more.…11755299-1040×572.jpg

As you can see, in the 2015/16 – 2016/17 seasons, messi regressed a bit and ronaldo was ahead of leo (albeit by a small margin) in the equation. In this two-year period, both my vote and individual awards were in favor of cristiano ronaldo:

—–ballon d’or—–
2016 – cristiano ronaldo
2017 – cristiano ronaldo
—–ballon d’or—–

———- 2017/18 ———-

Although cristiano ronaldo opened like an Arabian horse towards the end of the year (like 2018 February-March), he almost fell out in La Liga in the first half of last season (2017/18). this is very strange, because for the first time in his ‘9 years of real madrid career’, cristiano ronaldo was so out of shape by disrupting his stable stability.

He only regained himself in February 2018, after the points gap with the leader FC Barcelona in La Liga opened up. Although real madrid won the champions league, they lost 17 points from the leader after exactly 22 years in la liga (for the second time in its history after the 1995/96 season). The effect of cristiano ronaldo’s very low level of fitness (by his own standards) is great in this, too. (it was fine after february but as i said.)

———- mugs ———-

—– cristiano ronaldo —–

5 ballon d’or (08 – 13 – 14 – 16 – 17 )
5 champions leagues (08 – 14 – 16 – 17 – 18)
1 european championship (portugal)(16)
3 english premier leagues (07 – 08 – 09)
2 la ligas (12 – 17)

2 la liga top scorers (14 – 15)
1 premier league top scorer (08)

2 spain cups
1 cup

—– lionel messi —–

5 ballon d’or (09 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 15 )
4 champions leagues (06 – 09 – 11 -15)
9 la liga (05 – 06 – 09 – 10 – 11 – 13 – 15 – 16 – 18)

5 la liga top scorers (10 -12 -13 -17 – 18)

6 spain cups
1 world cup finalist (14)

cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi share the top with 5 wins each in the ballon d’or awards given to the best football player in the world right now.

In 2018, it is possible that the ballon d’or award will go to someone other than these two (mohamed salah ghaly) exactly 10 years later (it is quite possible). If he goes to * the situation will be c ronaldo 6, lionel messi 5 .

For next season (2018/19) and beyond, it wouldn’t be fair to make annual comparisons between the two. because cristiano ronaldo will be 34 years old next year. I am sure that he will play ball like an animal next year with his determination and ambition, even though he is old enough to hang his flour sieve and go to the USA or China. but as I said, it would be pointless to expect him to regularly show the space performance we are used to.

That’s all my views on this competition for now. until another review; Come on, stay well, friends.…0_-m-35_1435144250487.jpg

———- bonus ———-
Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may be the two greatest footballers of all time. but if we look at it from the eyes of a football fan, ronaldinho gaucho played the most beautiful football in the world (in 2004/05 – 2005/06). aesthetic football rather than effectiveness, joga bonito game philosophy enchanted the fans. Although the classic Brazilian consumed himself early with his indiscipline, no football player in the world could give the pleasure of watching the football he played in those two seasons. let lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo score 1000 goals in a year; The compilation videos I’ve watched on the internet are still yours, ronaldinho, live and exist, beautiful person.

Different Person

Messi is the better football player, Ronaldo is the bigger football player.

Messi’s efficiency on a working wheel is more than Ronaldo.
but if there is a broken system that doesn’t work, ronaldo will still continue to contribute.
messi mercedes. ronaldo 4×4 is a nissan. If the road is straight, mercedes will do better, but if the road starts to get bumpy, the 4×4 will lead you to the result.
The difference is that simple.

And what I wrote is completely objective. Anyone who does not accept it is secretly fanatic.

Different Person

What I can say about football is that it is open to debate whether it is right or wrong by going to Manchester.

Coming to the main issue, the case of American model Kathryn Mayorga in 2009 was rejected. hit too. This type of fortune-telling women seduces famous people, and some of them blackmail them by videotaping them or something. Some are suing. Do you think it makes any sense to go and rape me when there are millions of women burning for him?

In the past, this type of rape case has happened to Mike Tyson, Robson de Souza Robinho, Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima and many more. Mike Tyson even went to jail when he was a heavyweight boxing champion just because of it. While Tamer was married in Montenegro, he was with a young woman and the woman tried to blackmail him with a video and extort money. When the event was heard, Tamer’s marriage did not last long and he divorced his wife a few months later.

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