Dota 2 Map Relocation

How to Change the Dota 2 Minimap

What we need to do for Dota 2 Map Relocation… While playing the game in the fun and immersive Dota 2 game, the map is on the left, and the gold part, that is, the part where we will buy items, is on the right. While playing the game, we see that the map is on the right, the gold part is on the left. In this case, I will show you what we should do with 2 pictures below.

Before Playing Dota 2, we enter the settings

Enter the settings as shown in the picture below.

How to change Dota 2 map location?

Now after entering the settings, a very simple process remains.

As can be seen in the picture below, it is sufficient to click on the option Show the minimap on the right.

Show Dota 2 Mini Map On The Right If I was helpful to you in my short article, I wish you good games

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