Does GOD Have an Ego?

GOD does not have ego

What is ego?

Ego is the sense of self. The meaning of the word ego of the ego is to reveal the self, that is, to glorify oneself. The humble person has done the opposite of the ego. So instead of praising himself, he kept himself in the background. Ego is an emotion that is developed and strengthened in every person during and after adolescence, which is created in order to achieve success against environmental influences gained near adolescence. Those who enter the path of righteousness, whose heart is opened, begin to struggle and seek to destroy their egos and get rid of it. Now the process of getting rid of the ego has started for them. Their goal is to destroy their ego.

Some atheist groups describe him as having ego because GOD tells us to worship.

I read an article in the Ekşi dictionary. “GOD is a creator, and his job is to create, but why expect the people he created to worship him, if that’s not the ego, what is? The logic cannot be “I created you, so pay me this debt by worshiping”. This life is called a test, so why am I taking this test, why was I created? Does GOD really expect me to worship to see my creation as a blessing and to thank him?”

As far as I understand from this article, there are those who think that Almighty GOD is egoistic.

GOD’s Ego Certainly Doesn’t, It Can’t..

I am writing this article to clarify this. The ego can only be manifested in a state of equality. The person who says I am superior to you can say this for someone at his/her own level, this is the ego. It cannot be egoless to say to an insect, horse or donkey that I am superior to you. Because horses or donkeys are not the same as humans. There is no equality. In the absence of equality, there can be no ego. Of course, humans are superior to animals, they are smart. But humans and animals are different beings.

This is the situation of Almighty GOD. He is far superior to us. It is not ego that he says to us that he created you so that you can serve me, that he expects some deeds from us, tests us, introduces himself to us, and wants us to serve him. Because there is no equality. GOD is eternity, He has all kinds of attributes in every situation. He is great. He is strong. He is great. He is sublime. His adjectives are innumerable. Man is nothing in front of him. Humans can’t even be as strong as a mosquito against him.

Shout out to all atheists here. Please understand this, think about it, realize why GOD, who is stronger than yourself, cannot have an ego. I hope I have conveyed what I want to tell to the minds that need it.

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