Growing techniques at home

“How to grow plants at home?” The answer to your question is here!

Getting started with houseplants is a great place to start when it comes to growing edibles like mint for salads or thyme for meat. After finding the light in your home, a little effort and patience can turn into a hobby that you can’t give up for the rest of your life!

Decide what to grow!

The shape and function of the plant you will grow at home is important. But that doesn’t matter if you want to grow plants that you can eat. The most popular herbs are parsley, mint, arugula, basil, dill, rosemary, coriander or thyme.

Where to start growing greens on the balcony?

Getting Started: You can grow plants from seed, or you can go to a nursery and buy a bunch of seedlings. The decision is up to you. If you are going to buy seedlings, make sure that the leaves are green, not yellow or brown. Make sure the roots are yellow or white. If you are going to grow from seed, make sure you buy quality seeds. The seeds of homegrown grasses are usually very small, so sprinkle these seeds in suitable soil filled with soil at intervals and add enough soil to cover them a little. Remember that small seeds should not be buried too deeply.

Choose a location: Light is very important for plants. Each of the medicinal plants likes different light. Some plants like heat and humidity, but direct sunlight is not good. Plants such as mint, parsley, basil, and thyme can easily grow in the shade, but if you want to have a small potted tomato, you should grow it in a sunny place. You can try different placements until you find the best habitat for your plant.

Find a pot: The size or depth of the pot your plant will live in is important, but it is just as important as a decor for your home, window or balcony. You can see the flower pot as a complement to your room. You can find different types of pots in nurseries or home accessories shops, or you can decorate a box or tin you already have at home with a brush or ribbon to make a flower pot of your own work.

What should be considered when growing plants on the balcony?

Placement: The most important points to focus on when positioning your flower in your pot are soil, fertilizer, water and irrigation system. It is recommended to choose a soil type that absorbs well and feeds the plant more. It is important that there is a hole under the pots of the plants to be grown at home and that the water that drains from that hole is collected on a pot base.

Labeling: Especially if you are going to plant from seed, it is good to have a label to distinguish basil from basil and parsley from thyme. The labeling system gives the impression that your hand is always on your garden; You can use more creative stickers to make this job more fun.

Recognize pests: In order to protect your plants from pests, you need to inspect the leaves very often and solve the problem before it grows. Color changes on the leaves, small bites are the harbingers of pests such as insect caterpillars.

Be vigilant: Be generally protective and observant. Your plant tries to give signs of what it needs. If the leaves are green and plump and the soil is moist, it’s fine.

Pruning: Pulling or pruning leaves can hurt you, but it is necessary as it allows new leaves to emerge and develop. The most fun part of growing plants is taking care of them.

Reap the fruits of your efforts: Use your fresh herbs in your special recipes and see the difference. Putting your own greens on salad, cooked meat, roast, pasta will provide you with delicious pleasure! You can also dry the herbs you can dry in the shade and use them as spices for a long time.

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