How to Care for a Budgerigar?

In order for budgies to live in more sterile and hygienic conditions, it is recommended to clean the cage every day and disinfect it with soap and water once a week. The feed and water bowl also needs to be cleaned frequently.

Budgie Care

Budgerigars fed at home are pets that endear them with their vibrant and colorful images. The natural habitats of these birds, which are divided into species among themselves, are known as Australia. How to care for the budgerigar, which is wondered by many people at home?

Budgerigars, known as cage birds, can be bored alone because they love to chat with each other. Budgerigars live in flocks that can range from a few to thousands. However, if you show interest and can stay with him all the time, you may not feel dissatisfied, and you may have facilitated the adjustment period. Budgerigars who are happy to be in the cage feel safe in their cages. For a long-term life, you need to pay attention to its cleanliness and excess of attention.

Is the budgerigar cold?

Budgerigars are extremely sensitive to the cold. They will get sick and die if you leave them outside in the wind, during the winter months. Likewise, it should never be kept under the sun.

When feeding, take care to give the feed they like. Even if you put too much bait, he will not eat unless he likes it.

Take care to have a beak stone in the cage that he will use to smooth his beaks.

Refresh your water every day. If you are using tap water, add water that has been kept in a plastic bottle the day before. Since the chlorine will be dead water, it is important for the health of the birds.

You should change the newspaper every other day. It is important that the stools do not smell and infestation. As long as the bird is in the dirt, it will not feel happy.

Instead of buying a mirror inside the cage, buying another budgie will help relieve his boredom. Contrary to popular belief, mirrors do not have a positive effect on budgies.

Does the Budgerigar Wash?

Instead of washing your budgerigars, you can put water in a small large bowl and allow them to wash and clean themselves.

Give the vitamin doses in consultation with the veterinarian. There is no harm in giving extra from vegetables and fruits.

You should not touch the eggs of female birds, otherwise they will break. And there is the possibility of harming the pup.

Budgerigars tend to molt. The source of stress may be related to dislike of his place, bored with loneliness, waiting for attention or the food given. In this case, it should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible and it should be determined what happened.

What does the budgie love most?

Every budgie’s favorite food is different, to generalize, they love vegetables such as lettuce, peas, purslane, broccoli, parsley, and radishes. They also love to consume fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, carrots. Budgerigars choose to eat, some birds do not eat every fruit and vegetable.

How can a budgerigar be happy?

Make them feel your love, talk to them
Identify their favorite foods and give them every 3 days
Build them a cozy home
Provide proper nutrition
Hand-feed baby budgies
Consider sleep times
Keep Healthy
Give them something to play with
Keep your budgie safe

Foods Harmful to Budgies

Giving budgies the wrong food can cause them to get sick or even die, so having enough information about budgerigar nutrition is vital for every budgerigar lover. In particular, it is necessary to learn about foods that are harmful to budgies. If you have a budgie, we have listed the foods you should never give it.

apple core
Avocado (Avocado is often a deadly food for all birds)
Fish and other seafood
Grapefruit and lemon
Crackers, biscuits
Milk and dairy products (These products contain lactose, which budgies cannot digest)
Peanuts (Peanuts can cause fungal disease in budgies)
raw potatoes
Salt (No food containing salt should be given to these birds)
green tomatoes
Meat and poultry
Caffeinated beverages (such as tea, coffee)
Alcoholic beverages

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