How to Connect a Swivel – How to Throw a Swivel Node Illustrated

How to connect a swivel ? The more passionate fishing is for the fishermen, the more important it is to prepare a fishing line for fishing. We need to know how to prepare our fishing rods properly and correctly for a good fishing.

In this article, we will see how to connect a swivel as an illustration part by part. If we do not connect the swivel correctly, the line may break and our fishing will result in disappointment.

How to tie a solid knot ?

Figure 1:

In the picture above, the first stage is shown. First, the line is put on the swivel and the line starts to turn a little further, leaving a circle in the middle.

Figure 2:

The picture above shows the second stage. This is how it starts out.

Figure 3:

We start to leave enough space to pass and start wrapping the rope with the other rope.

Figure 4:

We fold the rope over the other and fill it

Figure 5:

we continue to fill

Figure 6:

after wrapping at least five times

Figure 7:

We pass the end of the rope through the hole we left as the thumb.

Figure 8:

Meanwhile, we pass the rope through the second hole and squeeze it slowly.

Figure 9:

It was a solid knot, never opened

Fishing Hobbyist

For those who love to fish, fishing is both a hobby and a passion.Either from the shore or by buying a fiber boat and fish from the boat, as long as you catch fish.

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