Egg Whites – Egg White Diet

how to make egg white diet

Egg white diet, the white part of the egg, consists of 90 percent water and 10 percent protein. If you do not eat the yolk but only the white of the egg, the nutritional value will change. There is more protein in the white and more antioxidants in the yolk. Those who eat only white will get 16g of protein per egg when they eat one egg white. Adults need as much protein as their weight. For example, the daily protein requirement of an 80 kg person is 80 g.

Nutritional Values ​​of Eggs and Egg Whites

ElementsEgg whitewhole egg
Protein                          46
Calorie                        1671
Cholesterol                  0211
Vitamin B12052%
Vitamin A08%
Vitamin B5one35%
Vitamin D021
egg white diet

egg white diet contains 4 grams of protein and 16 calories of energy.

As can be seen in the table above, an egg white is empty. It contains a little vitamin, 4g of protein and 16 calories of energy.  

What are the Benefits of Eating Egg Whites? Should I Eat Egg Whites to Lose Weight?

The building blocks of muscles in our body are proteins. If we want to protect my muscles or increase my muscles, we must take protein. If we take calories, ie energy, while taking protein, our weight will increase. While taking protein, it is reasonable to consume egg white in order not to get energy or to get a minimum. If we boil the eggs and eat only the egg white after separating the yolk from the white, we will both get protein and turn off our appetite . Wouldn’t we have killed 2 birds with one stone?

Eating boiled egg whites to lose weight

To add another piece of good news, egg whites do not contain both fat and cholesterol. If we consume it , we will not see any harmful effects. All of the fat and cholesterol found in the egg are found in the yolk. Innocent egg white, which does not contain any fat, does not make you gain weight. It is possible to stay full and not gain weight by boiling up to 8-10 eggs at a time and eating only the white. Personally, I am currently on a diet. At lunch or dinner, I keep 6-8 eggs in the stove for 15 minutes after I put them in the first stove. After removing the yolks and separating the hard-boiled eggs that turn solid in 15 minutes, I add black pepper to the whites and eat them. 15 minutes after eating, I feel as if I have eaten 2 loaves of bread. After that, I don’t get hungry for at least 4-5 hours for a long time.

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