How to Play Fallout Shelter?

How to play Fallout Shelter Android mobile game?

Fallout Shelter game, one of the most beautiful mobile games; is fighting for survival by building some businesses underground; so that people who take shelter underground to survive the radiation that covers the world. How to play fallout shelter ?

LEARN FALLOUT SHELTER – How to play fallout shelter

How to play fallout shelter ? The world is in danger of radiation in the game called Fallout Shelter. Our aim is our country, which is room by room inside the mountain. And we need to recruit new staff by ensuring that employees; who will work from outside; then marry people and give birth to children. You can also play different browser games from here.


Each person has a talent in the game ; or you can develop the skill of the person you want. There are special rooms for every talent; you can build whatever you want from these rooms. And improve the abilities of the people you will bring there.

In this game of survival, you must first produce electricity. Then food and water so that your workers living in your underground shelter do not die. In order for them to survive, they need water, food, and electricity. You can add new rooms inside the mountain by clicking on the hammer picture below.


SPECIAL is written on the persons, each letter has a power. For example, people with the letter S at the beginning; need to be employed in the electricity generation room. Because the people working in the power generation room enable this room to generate electricity. The more the letter S of the people working in this room is filled; the sooner you can generate electricity.

What is the letter A in SPECIAL?

Those with the letter A here will be successful in the cafeteria. If you put the ones filled with the letter A in the dining hall. That is, the food production room, you will quickly produce food; and ensure that the people living in the mountain do not go hungry. When your people are not hungry; and thirsty and without electricity, the general happiness rate of the people will increase.

What is the letter C in SPECIAL?

The letter C means charisma, or charisma. People with the letter C filled will be charismatic; and you can take them to the living room; to give birth to a child and produce children. In addition, people with a high letter C are taken to the radio room; and they can work in this room and allow people; from outside to come into the mountain at certain intervals.


The answer to this question is unfortunately yes. Creatures with ax and sticks that live outside ; at certain intervals can enter the mountain and attack your workers and cause their death. To prevent this, it would be appropriate to build a weapon production room. And have your workers produce weapons in this room. How to play fallout shelter?

More than one building from the same room side by side should merge and increase efficiency.

Leave at least one gunman in every room. In the future, every person will have to be armed.

Pay attention to your resources. It may be enough right now, but when there is an attack, your resources are running low. So you can suddenly be without resources. Take your precaution beforehand.

If women are not giving birth, living quarter may not be enough, increase it.

-Place people in rooms according to their abilities.

-Beware of smacks. You may need too much in an attack. Store as much as possible. And develop labs to the fullest. Especially if an employee with a high level and a good weapon and clothing dies, he can ask for a lot of money. Someone wanted 900 soda caps. Be careful not to die.

-Send plenty of staff out, and they will find materials for you. The S, E and L properties of the elements you will send must be high. When you’ve progressed enough, use the development rooms to increase these attributes of the elements and submit as such.

-Give lots of stimpacks and Radaways to the guys you send out. but follow it all the time. If you do not look for a long time, these two products of the element will die outside.

-The longer you send the elements out, the better weapons and clothes it will find. Special weapon backgrounds will be displayed in blue. You can understand from there. But for that, they have to have a high Luck and stay out for a very long time. I have an employee who has been out for 35 hours now. Weapons with a blue background are medium level. All others are lower level. There is also a third group, which I haven’t seen yet. It always comes out of lunch boxes. By the way, I say blue background or something, this blue background only appears on the notebooks of the guys you sent out. So its color is not blue after entering Vault, I don’t know why.

Keep their happiness levels high. The happiness of every person you send to living quarter will be up to 75% in a few minutes. Dancing etc. also not required. Just send it.

-Each element can have a maximum of 50 levels. And you can have a total of 200 employees. Bethesda stated that with the updates, new content will come for those who push the limits of the game.

  • Let’s say you have an employee with a powerful weapon, but you forgot the type and the place. It takes hours to find. So change their names. For example, I named the actors I love to those who have powerful weapons 😀 Bensu Soral, Amber Heard, Teresa Palmer, Emma Stone … 😛

Do the tasks given by the game. It will initially give 20-30 soda caps, but there will also be lunchboxes in the future. Lunchbox features are important for good elements and high-end weapons. Weapons with 20+ attacks rarely appear.

Now let’s get to the next level.

-You can keep 2 people at the Vault entrance. Put solid elements there. Very powerful creatures come from outside in later levels. Although every member of me is armed, they walk around 6-7 rooms until they kill the creatures. Even if you save everyone alive, more than half of your resources are going away, be careful.

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