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What is Travian? How to play the Travian game?

How to play travian? Travian game is a kind of strategy game. This game is browser-based, that is, it is played with the browser, as soon as you open your browser, you go to Since this address has tr extension, the page appears in Turkish. The German made Travian game includes many language support.

There are 3 different races in the Travian game. By choosing one of these 3 different races, you start the game with a 5-day protection period. By establishing your village and producing your soldiers, you must gain superiority by fighting against other kingdoms on the map.



The soldiers you can produce in the Roman race are expensive, difficult and laborious to produce, but they are very robust. You can use these roman soldiers both as attack and defense. Produce plenty of legionnaires at the beginning of the game, so legionnaires can be used for both attack and defense, so they are ideal. Proterian soldiers are used for defense, if you want to play mainly defense in the Roman race, then you should produce from proterian soldiers. After you get rich to play on an attack basis, that is, after your hourly production of raw materials increases, you can produce Imperian soldiers and produce attacks on the surrounding villages. The strongest soldier in Rome is the Emperor, the horseman, these soldiers are very powerful but very expensive.How to play travian ?


The Gallic race, on the other hand, is a race used for defense, which is fully specialized in defense. There are traps in this breed. Enemies attacking Gaul can get caught in these traps. Traps are cheap and easy to produce. Toytat’s Lightning, an assault military horse-drawn soldier in Gaul, can be produced later in the game after it is well developed. These soldiers are difficult and expensive to produce, but these soldiers move very quickly. The Phalanx soldiers are the main defense soldiers of the gall. As the number of Phalanx increases, Gaul’s defense will become easily indestructible. In the Gallic race, you build walls in other races, but as the level of the wall increases in the Gaul, the attacking soldiers die one or two at a time, which annoys the attacker, and they quickly decide that it is not a good idea to attack Gaul.


Teutons are the most aggressive race in the Travian game. The main attack soldiers, the Tokmakers, are cheap and quickly produced and can have a great destructive power en masse. In order to play Teutonic, the time you spend on your computer must be high, you must constantly send soldiers to other villages and loot. Looting is a must in order to be successful in playing Teutonic. You have to send 2 soldiers, 3 soldiers, 5 soldiers, 10 soldiers to the other villages and prevent them from producing soldiers and looting their raw materials. The Germanic race is fierce and aggressive, but its defense is very weak. If the defense will play the Germanic If you can not be a Roman or Gallic.

Playing the Travian Game

The Travian game is a game based in Munich, Germany, made in the 2000s. The game, which was translated into many languages ​​after a short time, has become a popular browser game in the world.

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