How To Rent Youtubers Life Partner English

How To Rent Youtubers Life Partner. Youtubers Life Game Partner So How To Keep Partner, Lease Solution

In the following stages of the game named Youtubers Life, you need to move to the new house and get partners, namely business partners. If you are playing the game and cannot find partners in the youtubers life game, here you can take advantage of this video.

Top of the game

You start the game as a youtuber in the Youtubers Life game. As can be understood from the name of the game, your goal is to become a well-known popular youtuber, so you first choose your style, that is, you choose how and for what purpose you will prepare videos. For example, I will make game videos or make makeup videos.

Choose Your Game Style

Let’s say you choose to make game videos, you prepare a game video every 2-3 days, you upload it to youtube, you try to gain subscribers. Later, if you accept the video preparation requests from youtubers, you can earn money.

Going Home Apart

You live with your family at the beginning of the game, and later, as you earn money, you go out to a separate house and buy new computers and equipment there. As your popularity increases, you have the chance to add equipment and computers to 2 more separate rooms and get a youtuber partner. Your new partners are also preparing and publishing videos for you, and your popularity increases with each passing day.

Getting a Youtubers Life Partner

It is very difficult to get a partner in the game, nobody wants to be a partner with you, generally everyone wants to work for themselves. For this, you should do social activities with your friends, participate in parties. You need to go to the cinema, and most importantly, you should bring your relationship to the strongest level with the person you want to be a partner with. If you can bring it to this level, then the “Become partner” button appears in his profile and you can offer partnership.

An Immersive Game

In fact, you will not be able to understand how the time passes in the game named Youtubers Life, which is a very immersive game. One of the different features of the game is that when the time comes to keep track of your thirst and hunger, you need to get enough sleep.

Youtubers Life Going to Work

If the money you earn at the beginning is not enough in this game, you can go out to work. You can earn additional income by working in any job outside.

Simple game – play only pc

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