How to tell the sex of the budgerigar?

Budgerigar Gender Determination Chart
Male BudgerigarFemale Budgerigar
Dark BlueLight Blue
Breeding Time Color
Bright BlueDark Cream
Dark BlueDark Coffee
Reproductive Time Movements
CourtesyWhite ring in the nostrils
Shakes HeadCourtesy
Feed VomitsPupils shrink as dots
Bows his head 

There are several ways to find out the sex of budgies. The first of these is to look at the color in the place called cere in their beaks. For example, the cere, which indicates whether a baby budgerigar is female or not, should be white, light blue, cream-colored or purple. However, we can say that the most obvious distinguishing method is the presence of a white ring around the nostrils in the part called cere. A baby budgie is a male Budgerigar if its cere is shades of pink or purple, or if the cere is all one color.

When the Budgerigar Is 6 Months Old

When budgies are 6 months old, they say they have reached adulthood. Due to the completion of their development in this period, the color of the cere has also settled. An adult budgerigar’s cere comes in shades of white, light blue, or light brown. During the mating period, the cere of a female budgie is in brown tones.

Cere in Budgies

When budgerigars reach their adulthood, the cere colors are settled and completed. The cere colors of young female budgies are seen in shades of purple, white, cream or light blue. In adult female budgies, the cere can also be seen as white. In addition, the part of the nostrils in the cere region of females and its surroundings are usually surrounded by a white ring. The color of the cere region in females is seen in brown tones during the mating period.

If the cere area of ​​the young male budgies is seen in purple or pink tones, or if the entire cere is in a single color tone, you can tell that it is a male budgerigar. It is usually seen in the cere region of adult male budgies in shades of purple, pink, blue or dark blue. Sometimes, in male budgies, the upper part of the cere region can be seen in blue, while the rest can be seen in pink tones. Budgerigars transition into adulthood after 6 months of age. The colors in the Cere region are now settled and become more prominent. You can make the gender distinctions more clearly after the cere colors are settled.

Gender Distinction from the Behaviors of Budgies

The behavior of budgerigars can vary between birds. Therefore, you may not be able to clearly distinguish gender from their behavior or you may have difficulties. Female budgies have a shorter song than males. The female budgies are more immobile than the males, either inside or outside the cage. Female budgies can be a little more aggressive than males. The cere colors of female budgies change to a dark tone during breeding periods and the skin parts of the cere appear in a cracked/dry state. Male budgies have a longer song and nod their heads during this time. They exhibit more active and active attitudes inside and outside the cage.

The best and easiest way to distinguish between male and female sexes in budgerigars will be by looking at the colors in the cere region. You can distinguish more easily thanks to the color tones that become clear after 6 months. If you are not sure of the sex of your budgie, it would be healthier to consult a veterinarian.

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