I Got Corona Virus

I caught corona on 19 November 2020

I Got Corona Disease | Covid 19 I became Corona and survived

I caught corona on 19 November 2020 I got corona, what have I experienced? Yes, sir, I was born in 1972 I weigh 150 kg and smoked for 30 years. I quit smoking 2 years ago I was 48 years old when I caught the corona, the covid 19 virus. I will tell about the days I slept as a corona .

How did the corona affect me? How did I get rid of this disease?

At first, I thought I had mild flu, I could not say I was corona, I could not get it. I was saying I had the flu, it passes. I had a slight malaise, it was discomfort for 3-4 days and I took a hot shower. As someone who normally takes a shower with lukewarm water while taking this shower, I made the water almost boiling. Still, I was cold. After a shower, people usually feel better and the effects of flu are reduced. I mean, it was always like this, but this time nothing changed, my body was breaking and I was cold.


On the fifth day, I started to get colder, I immediately measured my temperature, but my temperature was 36.5, so I did not have a fever. I still did not believe I was corona, as I usually heard that corona gives symptoms with fire, but I became corona. On the sixth day, I started to freeze and the fatigue was at its peak, I slept on the bed with 3 layers of blankets. I could not get out of bed for 7 days, I was waiting for my end in bed with both weakness, anorexia and a terrible cold. They thought of what I heard from the doctors speaking on the news, and they said that after the corona enveloped the body, it settled in the tonsils of the throat and descended from here down to the lungs.


If the virus landed in my lungs, I would not be able to breathe and I would die. That was the only thought in my mind. When I was thinking about what I can do in this case, I thought of the natural vinegar in the house and thought that maybe I can clean and destroy the viruses in my throat by drinking this vinegar before it gets into my lungs.


I asked my lady for apple cider vinegar, I swallowed half a cup of apple cider vinegar in my throat. Meanwhile, I felt that my throat was burning very badly. So microbes were in my throat. The next day, and the day after that, I drank vinegar, even gargled. My throat burned every time, but the fourth time I had no burning in my throat; this made me a little hopeful. Maybe I was able to destroy the viruses with vinegar before they could reach my lungs.

Actually, I wanted to go to the hospital and have a test, but I didn’t even have enough energy to go to the toilet, let alone going to the hospital. While I was waiting for the end of me in bed, I was in thought. If I can’t breathe, it means the corona is in my lungs, then I was thinking that I would call an ambulance and go to the hospital, as a last resort, I would connect to the breathing apparatus. I fell asleep with these thoughts and one more day passed and the next day I felt a little more energized and could breathe comfortably. This situation had raised my spirits a little, maybe I would not die and I would recover.


Exactly 14 days have passed and I was feeling good now, I lost 15 kilos in these last 14 days, I could only eat soup, my stomach did not want to eat absolutely anything. As a person who loves to drink water, I could hardly drink 1 tea glass of water a day, I drank water little by little every day and ate soup little by little, and when 14 days were up, my appetite started to grow.

I was feeling better now, I was still sluggish, but I could walk, so I went to the hospital and had a corona test. The day after, I was positive according to the result, that is, covid 19 was infected with me. After this date, my phone started ringing twice a day.


The nurse of my health center doctor from both the provincial health directorate and the health center of the district where I live called every day and asked about my situation. I was getting better day by day, I was hoping more and more every day. I guess I wasn’t going to die yet. Now I am fully recovered, my quarantine period has expired and I have been entitled to go out. Shopping for grocery stores and bakeries has never been so happy for me. Thanks to my GOD, I beat the corona virus disease, I got rid of the Covid 19 scourge, I hope it will never infect me and anyone again. I hope you will get rid of it easily, even if it does not infect you either.

How to Get Rid of Corona Virus Ways to Beat This Virus – Methods:

One of the recommendations I can give in the fight against Corona virus is to eat a healthy diet and keep your immune system strong. Eat plenty of pickles, make sure you don’t miss garlic onions, eat homemade yogurt is not that hard. You can buy natural cow’s milk and make homemade natural yoghurt yourself. Once you get used to it, it becomes very easy. Buy Kefirs sold in supermarkets and consume them regularly. Always eat fish and eggs every other day. Finally, sunlight, vitamin D, is very important, enter the sea every year and your body can see directly because the natural vitamin D is only available in the sun. This vitamin is a must to strengthen and protect the immune system.

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