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I am very interested, but there are a few questions on my mind, if anyone knows, please green.

1- I use alcohol, how does it affect this situation? ( 2-3 days a week , but it may be out of the fasting period , for example , when you drink alcohol at 23.00 , how should you recover the situation ?

2- What is the ideal amount of calories to be taken in two meals?

3- Is there any snack between two main meals?

Note : I do pilates for 2 days and kick box for 2 days.

I will be happy if you make it green.

edit: there are people asking if you are green, thank you, friends gave information, we understood that these things do not happen with alcohol, my program continues for 2 days as reformer and 2 days as crossfit, but I take supplements other than food.

The first 3 days you start are challenging, then you get used to the routine.

You will make the adjustment for the amount of calories to be taken. If the calories you spend daily are between 2000-2800 (we added for those who do sports), it is also beneficial to take 400-600 calories less if the goal is to lose weight.

for snack
best result;
1st meal 9.30
2nd meal16.30

I bought it by doing.

A Different Person

The diet method that I unwittingly followed in the first 1.5 months of my weight loss studies that I started 54 days ago. Since I generally read what I know about everything, I created a way about weight loss by reading what I know. As a result, I thought that I would lose weight by eating only 2 meals a day and by eating this 2nd meal generally based on protein. I had set my diet as breakfast at 9-10 in the morning, general things such as eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, skim cheese, and as the second meal at 16-17. I actually lost 10 kilos until the 42nd day of my diet that I started. but then i stopped losing weight. No matter how hungry I was officially, I couldn’t give it. Then, by exchanging ideas, I came to the conclusion that I lost weight fast and this was harmful in every way. I have increased my meal count and calorie intake for about the last two weeks. but as a result, I increased the style and duration of my walks and lost 2 more kilos. I’ve lost 12 kilos now.

Based on the knowledge that those who are overweight lose weight very quickly at first, I can no longer predict whether I lost the first 10 kilos so quickly because of my weight, or if I lost it thanks to the diet that I mentioned and described in this title. I am open to any exchange of ideas on this matter. we can even talk about factors that slow down weight loss.

A Different Person

The weight loss method I have been using for 5 years. Frankly, I started to do cardio on an empty stomach rather than losing weight, then I realized that not having breakfast in the morning was better than doing it and I continued. Now I have breakfast 3 or 5 times a year, in memory of the rituals performed when the family gathered.

The thing that people ask me most about this is how I can do cardio with 15 to 16 hours of fasting, don’t your muscles melt, etc. There is no such thing, as long as you get the calories you need to take in during the day, your muscles are very healthy and in place. but it should definitely be left to taste. I’m personally a person who likes to run. Whether hungry or full, long-distance running is not good for the legs, it especially thins the calves. so keep that in mind if you’re running long distances.

Also, people who do this usually have a feature like this, I was hungry for 16 hours, I eat whatever I want. What people need to understand is that it doesn’t magically make you lose weight. It gives you the opportunity to burn fat by regulating your blood sugar. for the rest of the day, you need to be careful not to replace the fat you burn with anything else. otherwise it has no meaning.

A Different Person

I made the 18-6 version in 3 months and lost 12 kilos. Then I had an operation and I regained 6 kilos of it during the rest period because I couldn’t move. I’m starting over today.

my application range: eating between 11-17 and fasting between 17-11. I mean, I have to take my dinner to my workplace, but when I come home, I can do sports comfortably because I have digested the dinner.

Also, I felt much more energetic when I was doing it. After I quit, it was like a weight was falling on me all the time, even while sitting. If I get through this week, I will have left that situation behind me.

Also, I think we should not think long-term while trying to lose weight. I mean, I weigh myself every morning and my only goal is to give 100 grams every morning. this way with tiny little steps.

A Different Person

This is the first time I’ve heard of such a diet. On the other hand, I lost weight like that years ago. I was really skipping breakfast and starting the day with dinner at 12 noon. After 18 pm, I didn’t eat anything.
Then I became severely deficient in B vitamins. I wanted to quit this eating pattern, but I couldn’t. I could not prevent weight loss. I had to go to the doctor and I was back to normal with a B vitamin supplement. I will say, do not reduce your calorie intake too much. Don’t skip the protein. I was also drinking coffee a lot. Don’t overdo the coffee.

A Different Person

b vitamini değerimi ölçtürmek için doktora gittiğim bir gün, doktorumun hadi kolesterol ve şekerine de bakalım demesi ve sonuçların derhal kolesterol ilacına başlamalısın şeklinde yorumlanmasi ile aralıklı oruç seruvenime başladım.
ınsulin degerim 20lerde, kolesterol degerlerim de galiba 300 gibi bi yerlerdeydi.
doktor dedim kendim düşuremez miyim sence? hayır dedi genetik de olur bu yükseklikler ancak bir kac birim düşer o da senin işini görmez.
yine de 1 ay şans vermek istedim kendime. günde 2 defa saat 12 ve 6 da yedim. aralarda bol su ve yeşil çay seklinde devam ettim.
1 ay sonra test sonuçlarım doktoru hayli şaşırttı. kolesterolum 150lere inmişti, insulin degerim ise 4 çıktı. bu arada 1 ayda 10 kilo da vermiştim.
1 ay daha devam ettim, o arada da 2 3 kilo gitti.
fakat bir süre sonra vücudumda uyuşmalar başladı, okuduğum kadarı ile hızlı kilo verilen dönemlerde bu tarz uyuşmalar olurmuş ve forumlarda devam edin bırakmayin vücut alışacak şeklinde yorumlar vardi. ancak o noktada biraz tırsıp normal beslenmeye başladım. kilo almadım ancak vermiyorum da şu an.
oruç bana göre mucizevi olay. sadece birden ve çok zorlamadan yapmak gerek.

A Different Person

the diet that some of the athletes do by bringing their training to the last part of hunger.

that is, they start weight training and work for about 1 hour, while no food has entered the body for 17 hours. Some take protein powder right before the workout, while others save the nutrition for the end of the workout.

The aim is to burn fat as much as possible and then to attempt to repair the destroyed muscle tissues with plenty of protein foods.

It is a very functional method for athletes or anyone who wants to get rid of excess fat.

I can recommend those who do not lift weights to do sports such as walking and jogging at the 17th hour of hunger. but with caution. Since there is very little insulin in the blood, if you tire yourself from the first time, it is inevitable that you will have a hypoglycemia attack, and the results can be dangerous. If you are not an athlete, do not be burdened, spend the last 1 hour with light exercises.

With this method, you will seriously increase the rate of fat burning in your body.
Again, to speed up fat burning, I recommend that you end your satiety period by eating yogurt or drinking ayran.

Turning intermittent fasting into your lifestyle will save you from a dozen diseases.
I have mentioned before that it is a diet that diabetics should avoid.

A Different Person

First of all, my aim is purely emotional, that is, mutual motivation and information exchange.
I am planning to publish all the details of the intermittent fasting ( if ) diet in a blog style in a short time*, on this topic. Maybe I’ll merge it with my blogspot as well.
I have been following a very strict if diet for many years. It will be a bit of an experimental study on myself. together we will be able to observe in detail.
calories taken and burned, in what time window. end of the day with fine account calorie deficits.
even exaggerate a little more, calculate the calories burned (see: heart rate monitor) (see: hrm), etc. using it.
then maybe work for a few weeks and then eat 3 meals and observe with the same calorie deficit. Here, the same fat ratio (see: body fat) and the same macro ratios will be taken.

Even though I haven’t published what I said yet, I was doing it for myself, especially in the last 1-2 years, and recording it. Sharing this data and experience with you from time to time will increase my discipline. because there were days when I skipped some fine calculations and as far as I observed, my fat burning and muscle gain were also interrupted. I am sure that I will be happy when I help people. I will always be open to any of your questions, stay tuned for now.

A Different Person

The diet that attracted me, who has been a breakfast eater for years, also attracted me.

I started today. I started in a way that is close to the 16-8 app. The first meal I will eat at 12 noon.

It’s not a problem to take a break from eating, but due to work hours and private hobbies, my gym time is sometimes delayed. I normally do it between 19:30 – 20:45. Since I have to eat something after exercise, I can’t help but wonder if it’s okay to eat at such a late hour. Even if I eat at 10 at night, if I eat the next meal around 12-14 noon, it almost fits the clock. It is a form of nutrition that is called the healthiest diet in various sources.
Since today’s humans eat something like 5 meals a day, it is evolutionarily contrary to our physiology, so intermittent fasting seems to be the closest to our ancestors’ diet.

A Different Person

As of today, I started to combine this diet with a low-carb diet.

age: 25
weight: 75
fat percentage: 22%
waist circumference: 91 cm
body type: skinny fat omg 🙁

By consuming 2000 calories a day, 40% of which is protein, 40% of which is fat and 20% of which is carbohydrates, and 3 days a week with weight, 2 days and 15-20 minutes of hiit cardio, you can reach the goal of getting below 15% fat without losing muscle as soon as possible. I will work.

I’m open to your suggestions that it would be better if you did it this way.

15 days
1 month
2 months
In the 3rd month, the edits will come.

See you in nice edits, stay with love 🙂

I would be fed to complete it. I can say that I stuck to this plan 95% of the time. I missed the if only once. In an hour when I shouldn’t be eating, I ate omelette and tomato within the calorie limits. I did not disrupt the low carb in total, but it is not easy to maintain the 40-40-20 balance. For example, today I ate 34% carbohydrates, 27% protein, 39% fat, but some days I also consumed 10% carbohydrates or something. There was minimal deviation from the 15-day mean. I exceeded 2000 calories by 15-20 calories in the first 2-3 days. Some days I finished the day with 1500 calories. I do all of these calculations using the legendary application called fatsecret.

As for the exercise part, I never neglected the weight 3 days a week, but the cardio work was interrupted by the pain in my left foot. I only did half of the level I aimed for cardio. I also started stronglift as an exercise. Everyone who wrote the program said to start with an empty bar and increase 2.5 kg every day. Even though I had 2 months of work before, because I reset everything, I followed the advice and started working with an empty bar and increased the weights daily.

So how are the results?

I lost 3 kg in 15 days and went down to 72 kg. belly circumference has decreased from 91 cm to 89 cm. Last time we measured with my brother, this time I measured alone. actually it said 88, but I might have moved the tape measure, so I’m basing it on the negative value. In parallel with this, my oil level has decreased to 20%. If the website I use is correct, I have lost 3 kg with zero muscle loss, which I think is a legendary event. Different results can be seen on different sites, but even at the highest value, the oil rate was 20.5%. I took the site where I made my first measurement as a reference. I’ll use this here unless I get better advice from now on. I also measured my arms, I didn’t lose my non-existent muscles, I think they’re still 30 cm each :))

difficulties in the process

I had zero difficulty with the if. I wasn’t hungry myself on the only day I violated the rules, we went to the summer house with a friend and he forced me to eat that night. I ate for him.
There were some difficulties in low carb. For example, it is very difficult to keep the rates. I ate 150 grams of curd cheese and 400 grams of chicken breast a day to get 40% protein. It was difficult to control, especially due to the high level of calories per gram of fats. I had the most difficulty keeping it at 40% (note: I’m open to low-fat protein recommendations).
I had a hard time with sugar the most. In these 15 days, I did not eat any dessert except 1 pico and 1 slice of cookie. Although I have read various articles that do not recommend fruit, I ate 4-5 nectarines within the calorie limits. On the 5th day, my hands were shaking from lack of sugar. Even though I tried to deceive myself that a pistachio chocolate wouldn’t kill anyone next to Nescafe, my will prevailed. I’ve been seriously comfortable for the last 3 days. I didn’t feel bad yesterday, even when everyone was eating chocolate cake while I was sitting with friends. I also had success in drinking Turkish coffee without sugar, which I could not achieve for years. I finished 3 cups of unsweetened coffee. Normally I would never have finished. I’m thinking of drinking one before going to the gym from now on. I’ve read that it speeds up fat burning. be you, leave the sugar. I think the day I ate piko was day 7 and one of the hardest days was day 8. That’s why I ate cookies. the slightest concession makes concessions on sugar. Resist for 15 days, you will leave. trust me. As a night shift worker, I would eat 1 pistachio palate and 1 dankek guaranteed every night. According to the day, brownie intense was added to it. If I quit, you will too.

In the stronglift, I will lift heavier day by day. Since I am on a diet, I do not know how successful I will be as the weights increase.
the target in the fat ratio is the 12th time until the new year. 10% would be legendary.

this is the case. See you in the 30th day edit. In the meantime, let me point out. I don’t know how much of this 3 kg I gave is due to if thanks to low carb and how much of it is due to sports. I would like to leave low carb and continue testing in these 15 days, but I don’t want to spoil the winning team in common terms.

Waiting for your message for questions and advice.

1st month edit:
Since I didn’t have my tape measure with me yesterday, it’s up to today to edit 🙂 I’m entering the results without further ado.

weight: 70
fat percentage: 18%
waist/belly circumference: 85 cm

At the end of the first month, I have lost 5 kilos. 4 kg of fat is something like 1 kg of muscle. Twenty to eighty percent isn’t bad.

I did cheat day two days ago. actually there was no need, but we met with a friend of mine who will go to the army in November. There were some other friends, so there was a day when I went out of the diet and broke the rules.
I did not compromise on dessert, except for 1 stuffed kadayif, half an intense brownie, 1 petito of 6.5 grams and a total of 30 grams of cookies that I ate this day. Since we ate cağ kebab, I also ate some thin lavash.

I don’t look for sugar as much as I used to, but it’s still hard to look at baklava windows 🙁

There is no problem in training, the weight increases for a while in bench press, squat and deadlift, but shoulder press and bent over row are now difficult. It is difficult to increase their weight during the diet period, but I will do my best from now on.

In the program that I started with 22 percent fat, I reached 18 percent as of the first month. In the second month, I will be chasing the realistic target of 15 percent and 13 percent for the miracle.

oh, by the way, I updated the diet from 40-40-20 to 50-30-20. As far as I learned, protein taken after a certain amount turns into fat anyway. 40 percent was too much for protein. so the oils are now fifty percent. In this way, I can eat my favorite cheeses other than curd cheese. I’m increasing the amount of olives I love to death or something 🙂

see you next month 🙂

Day 15 edit: I’m here with the developments.

First of all, let me summarize the 15-day process. As I mentioned above, I said that I would eat by combining intermittent fasting and a low-carb diet. While doing this, you can burn 2000 calories a day by taking 40% fat, 40% protein, 20% carbohydrates.

After that

I will be more careful not to interrupt the cardio.
No compromise on dessert.

second month edit: I’ll summarize briefly, guys.
waist circumference: 82 cm. fat percentage: 15%. In fact, when measuring on an empty stomach in the morning, the waist circumference is 79 cm and the fat rate is 13%, but I continue to take the first time I measured, 22:30 in the evening, as a reference.
The exercises are now challenging. It’s hard work to lose 500 calories every day and gain weight. but it’s not bad even if I continue as it is now.

The new target is to reach 12% fat by December 8th. After that, the diet process will be over and I will go to the phase of gaining weight and building muscle.

I’m doing cheat day today and eating what I’m longing for 😀

See you in the third month.

third month edit:
Hello. As of today, the third month is over. My current weight is 66 and my fat percentage is 13%. The fat ratio may not reflect the truth because they say that no measurement method gives exact results, but since I have been measuring using the same program from the very beginning, I accept it as such. The photos say so. I will post photos of my transformation in 3 months here. It is a scary male belly photo. Know before you open so don’t swear 🙂
before (I took it 2 weeks later, not the day I started the diet)
after (December 8, 2017). I am free from the belly that I have carried with me for 7 years. I’ll take your congratulations. Now it’s time to regain weight. Of course, by building muscle, not fat. I guess after 6-7 months I will have a very tidy physique. take it easy everyone.

September 2020 edit: friends, this entry regularly receives the message “sir, what’s the latest status”. Even though I answer some of it, I usually skip it because I’m too lazy to type on my mobile phone. please excuse me. I’ll post it here for a general answer.
After the day I added the image, I started the process of gaining weight by building muscle. continued for a long time. I’ve never had such a gorgeous physique, but even on days when I wore loose-fitting t-shirts, I came across the question “Are you doing sports?” My clothes started to look better on me. in other words, there was a noticeable improvement in physics. In this process, I gained an acceptable level of belly fat. Being disciplined while losing weight is easier than being disciplined while trying to gain weight. While you have 2000 calories a day, you don’t give 500 of them to chocolate, but when you’re going to get 3000 calories, you say, “I have 2500 calories more, and I’m in the process of gaining weight, let me eat a chocolate”. you need to pay attention to them.

what were we saying? We’ve gotten a lot of physics back. We received compliments from the women. Then, during the paid military service + the process of starting a doctorate + the pandemic process, I completely lost my connection with sports. In quarantine days, when we were stuck at home and saying TV series, books, junk food, we lost our butt and belly muscles. Has all the hard work gone to waste? no, not that much. My back and shoulders clearly show that I still have a sports background. The chest is also at a level that can be understood by those who look carefully.

I started exercising again for 6 days. I go to the living room for a coffee at 8 o’clock in the morning. At that hour, 2 people other than me either happen or not. I think the overnight viruses will also have landed on the floor until then. Therefore, I do sports and go out when I think it is the safest. I got my diet under control again. it feels like i’ll be back up pretty good in a few months relying on my muscle memory.

this is the last one. I guess I won’t edit anymore.
In the final analysis, I recommend you all to exercise and eat healthy.

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