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If you are wondering about the latest comments about Johnny Deep.

If I were you, I would only waive the compensation on the condition that amber heard publicly confess everything.

Don’t go to appeal, I’ll give up the money, isn’t it ridiculous? He can’t go even if he wanted to, and if he goes, the probability of winning is zero. let it do whatever it takes.

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The disruptive case of my raisin cake, which suggests that Amber Heard is conspiring to have audiotaped or footage of every second that might seem bad for Johnny Depp.

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The only man to argue with a woman and win*

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The man who admitted that he wanted to burn his children’s mother alive and then fuck her dead body. he called all women “wothless hookers” and “cum guzzlers”.

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His proud and determined stance should be taught as a lesson to my so-called astrologers, whose aim is to be approved by two women here and on social media.

He made me happy by the fact that he didn’t take his word 6 years ago to the lying, toxic amber person – I will never look at his face again, you will never see my eyes -, did not bend during the trial, stood firm and cleared his name.

Truth has a bad habit of coming out, and the good always win. Now think of the hypocritical hollywood producers who canceled their projects for a lying bloodsucking woman. vamos johhny chief.

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Every time I see or hear his name I have to stand up like he’s entering the courtroom.
anyway, when he first became famous, my childhood was spent collecting his posters.
While I already admire his acting, my respect has increased many times over.
Especially the fact that he never looked into the eyes of a woman who once kept his eyes on her baby, from the moment the woman’s characterlessness was revealed…
I have great respect for him.
they say;
“What is your favorite thing lately?” I would say the moment the decision is read at the end of the court.
I was so pleased with the result.
dear johnny.

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Everyone talks about winning the case and getting $15 million in damages, but no one says they went to this case with 14 lawyers and spent $7 million. The power of money is evident everywhere.

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The man tried not to make money, but to get his life back, and he succeeded. not even for human dignity, he spends 7.17 million. We have not forgotten what was done to this man. the producers acted as if they were cursed, even here there were scumbags who said that the bridge would fall under them. The man won. she didn’t let a texas redneck ruin her life. Now let’s see who is on the bad road, who is cursed.

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After the trial, peace came to his face.

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The actor who played the most iconic character in the history of cinema, turning 59 as of today. His liberation from a woman whose name is not needed brings happiness to him in his new age.

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His ex-wife, Amber Heard, announced that Amber would waive the $8 million compensation she was due to pay her if she didn’t appeal the name defamation lawsuit she lost. While expressing this with his legal team, he added that it was never about money, and that his main concern was to save his reputation from false accusations. he chose the province where the case would be broadcast live to the world, and he wanted the whole world to see all the evidence and make his own decision; In short, I know you will never pay Amber that money, but I don’t want it, he said, let it go. Another interesting thing is that if Amber Heard wants to appeal the case (his lawyer instantly made this statement on two morning shows), he has to pay the 8-odd million dollar compensation amount he owes to Johnny one month after the conclusion of the case, that is, until July 24 (deposit it as a bond). His lawyer stated that Amber could not pay this money. For reference, thanks to the allegation that Johnny said he had abused her (and denied in the defamation case), 7 in the divorce case received $1 million for his biggest role to date, the pasture character in Aquaman.
johnny depp has made great strides in gender equality and victimization, this is a case that will be talked about as a milestone years later, just as #metoo took its first step, and with johnny #mentoo came. she looked like she was ten years younger in her new photo, which I’m not a fan of or anything, it’s the first time I felt so close to her as a person because she has proven with all the objective evidence that she’s been a victim of the auto-cancellation culture for years. let the way be clear; Let me end with a cliché by saying that you can’t buy peace in life, even if you have millions of dollars.

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His career is being portrayed as if it was screwed up by movie companies after the Amber Heard incident, but it was already going like crap. The amber heard thing was just goofy. With the gas of these lawsuits, the movies might work for a few years. After that, he will probably continue his career with bad movies. I don’t think you can make good movies anymore.

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