Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars




Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars Before buying a car, everyone wants the car they buy to burn less. Nobody wants to pay extra fuel money. In this case, this idea leads the people who will buy a vehicle to identify the cars with fuel economy. I have searched and listed the least burning gasoline cars and the least burning diesel cars, even the least burning diesel cars for you. I hope you benefit. Do not leave the page without visiting the list of least burning cars.

Least Burning Vehicles List

Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars in this list, you can reach the list of the vehicles that burn the least and maybe you will decide which vehicle you should buy without buying a vehicle. However, I ask you not to have fuel economy as your only criterion when buying a vehicle. Do you have a second hand vehicle other than fuel? If there is, how is it a tool that can be disposed of in a short time? Is it held in the market? Are spare parts prices low or high? Please consider these criteria as well.


Peugeot 208 BlueHDi STOP&START1.5 1560CCDIESEL99HP 254NMMANUAL2015-2018 B1 Segment3.0 Liter
Mini Cooper                   1.5 D 1496ccDIESEL116HP 270NMsteptronic2018-2019 Segment B3.0 Liter
Mini Cooper                   1.5 D 1496ccDIESEL116HP 270NMMANUAL2014-2018 B Segment3.5 Liter
Opel Corsa Ecotect EcoFLEX1.3 CDTI 1248ccDIESEL95HP 190NMSEMIAUTOMATIC2015-2018 B1 Segment3.1 Liters
Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic1.6 1560ccDIESEL95HP 200NMMANUAL2015-2017 B1 Segment3.2 Liters
Volvo V40 D2 ECO2.0 1969CCDIESEL120HP 280NMMANUAL2016-2018 B Segment3.2 Liters
Renault Clio dCi1.5 1461ccDIESEL75HP 200NMMANUAL2016-2018 B1 Segment3.3 Liters
Renault Clio dCi1.5 1461ccDIESEL90HP 220NMMANUAL2016-2018 B1 Segment3.3 Liters
Renault Megane dCi ECO21.5 1461ccDIESEL110HP 260NMMANUAL2016-2018 B Segment3.3 Liters
Volkswagen Passat Blue Motion (BMT)1.6 TDI 1598CCDIESEL 105HP 250NMMANUAL2011-2014 D Segment4.1 Liters
Hyundai Elantra DCT1.6 CRDI 1582ccDIESEL136 HP 300NMAUTO 7 FORWARD2016-2017 C Segment4.1 Liters
BMW3.20 DDIESEL190HP 400Nm  AUTO 8 FORWARD 4.0 Liters
Volkswagen Golf1.6TDIDIESEL115HPMANUAL 4.1 Liters
Seat Leon1.6 TDIDIESEL115HP  4.0 Liters
 Toyota Corolla   1.4 D-4D 1364ccDIESEL90HP 190NMMANUAL 5 FORWARD2004-2007 Segment C4.8 Liters
 Toyota Corolla   1.4 D-4D 1364ccDIESEL90HP 205NMMANUAL 6 ADVANCED2016-2018 C Segment4.1 Liters
Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars

One of the diesel engines specially developed by the Toyota brand is the 1.4 Liter D-4D diesel engine. One of the least burning vehicles in the world, Opel Corsa 1.3 cdti Ecotect Ecoflex is proud of being in the first place with 3.2 liters of fuel consumption.



Skoda Citigo Green Tec ASG1.0 993CCGASOLINE60HP 95NM  SEMIAUTOMATIC2015-2017 B Segment4.0 Liters
Suzuki Baleno Dualjet SHVS1.2 1242CCGASOLINE90HP 118NMMANUAL2016-2018 B1 Segment4.0 Liters
Mitsubishi Space Star ClearTec1.0 999CCGASOLINE71HP 88NMMANUAL2016-2018 B1 Segment4.0 Liters
Peugeot 308 PureTech STOP&STAR1.2 1199GASOLINE110HP 205NMMANUAL2014-2017 B Segment4.0 Liters
Lancia Ypsilon TwinAir Turbo 8v Start&Stop DFN-System0.9 875CC  GASOLINE85 HP 145NMSEMIAUTOMATIC2016-2017 B1 Segment4.1 Liters
Citroen C3 PureTech e-VTi ETG1.2 1199ccGASOLINE82HP 118NMSEMIAUTOMATIC2013-2014 B1 Segment4.1 Liters
Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion1.0 TSI 999CCGASOLINE95HP 160NMMANUAL2014-2017 B1 Segment4.1 Liters
Opel Astra ecoFlex Start&Stop Easytronic Turbo1.0 DI 998CCGASOLINE105HP 170NMSEMIAUTOMATIC2015-2018 B Segment4.1 Liters
Suzuki Baleno 1.2 Dualjet1.2 1242CCGASOLINE90HP 118NMMANUAL2016-2018 B Segment4.2 Liters
Kia Picanto1.0 ISG 998CCGASOLINE67HP 96NMMANUAL2017-2018 B Segment4.2 Liters
Ford Fiesta 1.0 Start/Stopp1.0 998CCGASOLINE65HP 105NMMANUAL2015-2016 B1 Segment4.3 Liters
Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 99g Start/Stopp Trend1.0 998CCGASOLINE100HP 170NMMANUAL2014-2017 B Segment4.3 Liters
Nissan Micra 1.2 DIG-S1.2 1198ccGASOLINE98HP 147NMMANUAL2013-2015 B1 Segment4.3 Liters
Toyota Yaris 1.0 3 doors1.0 998GASOLINE69HP 95NMMANUAL2017-2018 B1 Segment4.3 Liters
Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio TCT (3 Doors)1.4 1368CCGASOLINE170HP 250NMSEMIAUTOMATIC2014-2016 B1 Segment4.4 Liters
Audi A3 Sedan 1.0 TFSI  1.0 999CCGASOLINE115HP 200NMMANUAL2016-2018 B Segment4.4 Liters
Mini Cooper 3 Hatch   1.5 1499ccGASOLINE136HP 220NMsteptronic2018-2020 Segment C5.0 Liters
Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars


Panda 0.9 8V Twinair Natural Power (LPG Operated)0.9 8V 875ccLPG80HP 140NM5 FORWARD STRAIGHT2013-2018 B Segment3.1 Liters
Panda Twinair Natural Power Trekking0.9 8V 875ccLPG80HP 140NM5 FORWARD STRAIGHT2012-2013 B Segment3.4 liters
DACIA STEPWAY ECO-G 100 hp1.0 Turbo 999CCLPG100HP 170NM6 FLAT FORWARD20216.7 Liters
DACIA DUSTER 1.0 ECO-G 100 hp1.0 Turbo 999CCLPG100HP 170NM5 FORWARD STRAIGHT20217.3 Liters
Opel – Corsa D 3-Door –LPG ecoFLEX1.4i 16V 1364CCLPG89HP 119NMMANUAL2009-2011 B1 Segment8.0 Liters
Opel – Corsa D 3-Door – 1.2 LPG (80/78 Hp) ecoFLEX1.2 1229CCLPG78HP 105NMMANUAL2009 Segment B8.0 Liters
Dacia – Sandero II stepway1.6 1598CCLPG84HP 135NMMANUAL2011-2013 B1 Segment7.4 Liters
Dacia – Logan II 1.21.2 1149CCLPG75HP 107NMMANUAL2009-2010 B Segment7.4 Liters
Dacia – Duster SCe LPG Start&Stop 4×21.6 SCe 1598CCLPG114HP 156NMMANUAL2015-2016 Segment B6.4 Liters
Dacia – Duster 1.6 16V LPG 4×21.6 SCe 1598CCLPG105HP 148NMMANUAL2013-2015 Segment B7.2 Liters
Citroen – C3 1.4 Bivalent (CNG Operated)1.4 1360CCLPG67HP 108NMMANUAL2005-2008 B1 Segment5.0 Liters
Citroen -C3 Picasso – 1.4 VTi (95 Hp) LPG1.4 1397CCLPG95HP 136NMMANUAL2013 B1 Segment6.3 Liters
Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars

Least Burning Cars Lowest Fuel Consumption Cars

Low-burning cars are always preferred by drivers. Because the people who drive want to use the cars that burn the least fuel, that is, they consume less fuel because of their low fuel consumption. However, the car should consume less fuel and be fast and fast. No one likes to drive a car or vehicles that burn less fuel, go hard, and have difficulty on slopes. In other words, it is always desirable for the vehicle to burn less fuel and have a powerful engine. The power of the car is related to the engine power. There are 2 factors that determine the engine power of cars. These are denoted by horsepower (HP) and denoted by Torque (NM).

What is HP So Horsepower?

Of course, HP is not the printer brand, the letter H here is the first letter of the word Horse. It means horse in English. P is the initial letter of the word power. It means horse power. 1 HP is 1 horse power. If your vehicle is 90 hp, it has 90 horse power. In fact, its mathematical explanation is to lift a 75 kg load in 1 second. For some reason, a scientist named James Watt took the number of 75 kg as a basis and calculated the horsepower accordingly. Horsepower is related to speed HP refers to speed.

What is Torque?

Torque refers to the pulling force. It is the number of revolutions the crankshaft makes in 1 minute. Torque power is indicated by the letters NM. You don’t need speed to climb a steep slope, you need traction. Speed ​​is needed to race. It has to do with horsepower. Race cars must be high horsepower.

Least Burning LPG Vehicles Cars

Vehicles in this category are cars that run on LPG, that is, gas. In general, it is difficult to find a vehicle with factory-made LPG. Except for some brands, car manufacturers do not produce lpg fueled cars from the factory. LPG technology is a technology made in addition to gasoline cars. So it’s not just a car that goes with lpg. Vehicles go with both petrol and lpg. If a vehicle is LPG powered, that vehicle is also gasoline powered.

It cannot be installed on diesel vehicles as soon as LPG is installed. Diesel-engined cars consume a uniform fuel. They only consume diesel fuel, that is, diesel fuel. There are 2 types of LPG cars. The first type is LPG installed on old carburetor cars. Since there is no injection system in those old carburetor cars, the car can work directly with LPG. It is not necessary to run with gasoline first and then switch to LPG. Cars of this first type are rarely fueled. Maybe 5-10 liters of gasoline are kept in reserve so that if the LPG breaks down, it will not be left on the road. This gasoline is not used until the LPG breaks down, it just waits in the tank.

The second type of lpg vehicles are injection lpg vehicles. Injection LPG cars work with gasoline first, and after the engine warms up, they are switched to LPG. It cannot work directly with LPG. Because the car does not have a carburetor. Instead of a carburetor, there is a tool called an injection. This tool is only compatible with gasoline, it does not recognize LPG, it does not understand LPG. In this type of injection cars, you have to spend on gasoline to run the extra car. Once a week, 40-50 TL of gasoline is wasted just to start the car.

Diesel Fuel Types

Diesel is sold in 2 types in our country. The first type is called European and the second is called rural. What is called Europe means diesel fuel in European standards. In other words, it is the fuel whose other name is Euro Diesel, which is produced in accordance with TSE EN 590 standards and according to EMRA technical data. All new generation diesel vehicles use this EN590 fuel. What does this EN590 mean?

If asked, the answer is the sulfur content, that is, the fuel with a reduced sulfur level of 300 -350ppm. EN590 contains methyl ester with fatty acid up to 7% level (V/V). One of the features of the most 590 diesel fuel is that it has a freezing point of -15 degrees and a melting point of -30 degrees. The glow level of EN590 diesel fuel is 55 degrees Celsius. Its density is 0.845 g/cm3. It is slightly soluble in water. EN 590 Flammability temperature is 225 degrees. Its decomposition temperature is 360 degrees. EN590 euro diesel fuel degrades at 360 degrees.

Rural fuel, that is, rural diesel, which is widely used in large vehicles such as tractors, trucks and buses in the 2000s, is a fuel with a very high sulfur level compared to euro diesel. However, rural fuel is no longer used since its sale has been banned since April 1, 2011. The sulfur content of rural fuel, namely rural diesel, was around 1000 ppm. The amount of sulfur released into the air was much higher than the euro diesel in European standards.

Best Diesel Fuel ?

If you say which is the best diesel fuel, there will be no clear answer to this question. All diesel fuels are best compared to rural diesel fuel. Gas stations have studies on diesel fuels. For example, Shell gas station has 2 different diesel fuels. The name of the first fuel is V-Power Nitro (turbo), the name of the second fuel means Fuel Save (that is, fully safe). As the name suggests, it is not produced for speed and seriality, which is Fuel Save, but rather for safety and economy. Fuel Save burns less than V-Power Nitro.

V-Power Nitro or Fuel Save?

Fuel Save is built for reliability and economy, while V-Power Nitro is built for swiftness and speed. Cars will go faster with Nitro but will burn more. A substance added to the fuel allows the fuel to burn more quickly and gives the engine speed. Fuel Save contains cleaning molecules in the fuel. It cleans the soot in the vehicle and prolongs the life of the engine.

With the Dynaflex formula, Shell company produced the best fuel in its history, V-Power Nitro. This fuel has elements to prevent rusting, corrosion and wear of engines and includes dirt protection. Both nitro and Fuel Save fuels protect the injection systems of the engine and ensure that they can be used for many years without clogging. For this reason, they say, “You should buy the fuel from Shell”.


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