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Welcome best short stories. Once upon a time, whether it was or not! A boy was born at a very, very advanced time in approximately 9000 years. This kid has no hair. Of course it will be balding because this is a Bald Boy story. Ahhhh screamed how could this bald baby be. Seniors and doctors to the mother; “Hey fresh mama stop and don’t be afraid! What is this excitement? Not every baby is born with hair, some are born bald and later grow hair. ”Your baby will be like this; they said. Above that, the fresh mother took a deep breath of relief and fell asleep. However; sometimes the baby has reached the age of 2 and he still has no hair. Thereupon, the new 2-year-old mother, the old fresh mother; took the child to the skin doctor and had a head ultrasound.

When the results came, the doctor said to the mother; “Lady,” I have good news and bad news “which shall I tell you first?” The woman is surprised and please say the bad news;first so that the good news then please me. He replied.

Well then the doctor said;

-The bad news said that your son will be bald until he dies; and he will not grow any hair. After all, the Bald Boy story is true.

The Mother is Saddened

Mother :

When I ask what is the good news:

The doctor said: “The good news is that your son has wings. He can take them off his back and fly whenever he wants.”

Hearing this, the mother fell there and fainted. Afterwards, they sobered up the mother. And gave her cologne and relieved her, and don’t worry. The woman said that you have a bald son. Who can fly but you should be happy about it. In the story of Bald Boy. The whole country learned; that Bald Boy’s mother was accustomed to this situation and that her son could fly. After the boy was on the news. He started to make money like water from advertisements. With the joy of not having a money shortage. His mother ignored her son’s baldness and began to belly abundantly with wings. Well, after all, his bald son became famous, he was playing commercials on TV. Best short stories.


Eventually, the Bald Boy grew up and entered adolescence. Then he finished his adolescence, entered a brotherhood; skipped him and became a complete young man at the age of 20. During this time, not only the whole country. But the whole world started to get to know; the Bald Boy and to read his stories. After all; the only human being in the world; who can fly with wings is a Bald Boy.
Bald Boy tale

Bald Boy had snow-white wings that he hid in his back; which he removed whenever he wanted and turned into a giant. People couldn’t bear to look at these wings. They were so beautiful that even anatomical lessons; of Bald Boy’s wings were taught in schools. Bald Boy one day he decided to visit those places; to go to and which country was born and raised in Argentina; reached the sky jump has havalanarak from Turkey. Later, by flapping its wings slowly; it started to soar through the clouds at an average speed of 300 km. While he is flying; he does not neglect to salute the people inside the flying saucers passing; by while on his route; he even winked at the birds.


It started to get dark over Tunis while flying towards Argentina. He’s also hungry. Bald Boy made a soft landing on the ground thinking that I would go downstairs. So that I could both feed myself and find a hotel to sleep in. He saw a restaurant a little further from where he landed; He immediately went there and sat down at a table. Here I will ask you a question! The waiter came to the keloğla and whispered; something in his ear, guess what he said? I am not writing the answer for now.

Later, the Bald Boy fed, flew to the nearest hotel and soon; saw a hotel and entered the reception. I want a room to stay tonight; Do you have a free room? he asked. The hotel attendant recognized the Bald Boy and wouldn’t it be okay sir; your fan, your room is ready. He said his key and handed a key to the headman. Taking the key, Bald Boy was already very tired; so he immediately went to his room; took a quick bath, went to bed and fell asleep. Best short stories.


He had nightmares and nightmares in his dreams and he was very scared. When he woke up in the morning, he felt a deep ohhhhhh; and fortunately he was happy that everything I saw was a dream. But when he was just getting out of bed; he noticed that the bed was crimson; and jumped like an arrow and looked into a mirror. His back was turned to a mirror and he had no wings.

Can’t be! They cut off Bald Boy’s wings while he was asleep. The thieves have stolen the wings: ((off beee how bad it is. Poor Bald Boy has begun to cry. Now he has no wonderful wings; and has a huge half scabbed cleft on his back. So what do you think next? What will Bald Boy do? Will Bald Boy’s wings be found? Or Will the thieves be caught? Will Bald Boy regain his former health? The answer to all questions is hidden in the continuation of this story.

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