Play King Monkey Game

Play King Monkey Game

Use Chrome Browser to play King Monkey game . It may not open in the browser named Firefox.

In the game named King Monkey, we have one monkey, this monkey bounces a ball and pulls movements with the ball. The aim of the game is to make our monkey throw the ball bounced off by shooting as far as possible. The person who can throw the ball furthest away from the monkey will win the game.

Attention !! If you click on the ball while the monkey bounces the ball, it will shoot. With the ball in the air, if you click the ball again, you will stop it in the air. The aim is to throw the ball as far as possible.


If the game does not open after you have waited long enough, then you should change your browser. If Firefox is not opened, then you can try to open the game with Google’s browser, Google Chrome. It will definitely open. All you have to do is copy the link of the game page at the top and paste it into the browser named Google Chrome. In this case the game will run in the new browser.

Play Monkey Kick

In King Monkey game, the monkey plays with the ball. The monkey king will try to throw the ball as far as possible. The one who can throw the farthest in the game will get the highest score.


If you click while the monkey bounces the ball at the beginning of the game, it will throw the ball away, that is, it will shoot. However, the monkey must hit the ball in such a place that the ball takes off and hits the birds in the air and goes away. With drag and drop, we pull the mouse and the ball is thrown again and it can go away. If you hit the ball to the top, you will write crashed or crash and lose the game. So the ball should not be hitting the hills.


When the monkey hits the ball, the ball should glide forward, that is, you should hit such that you should be so calculated that the ball should not hit the hills and the ball can move forward if the hills do not stop the ball. So after hitting the ball, your ball will not get stuck. There’s no reason to work with patience and fail in this fun bouncing ball shooting game.

DO NOT get bored and get out of the game

The game seems difficult at first in this game. People can get bored and let go, but if you play the game with determination and try to throw the ball forward without hitting the hills, then you will see that the game will inform you that you have been successful and you have made an incredible shot.

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