Play 8 Ball Pool Online – American Billiards

Play 8 Ball Amerkan Billiards – pool online

Attention !! After the game is loaded, click the orange button at the bottom. Play billiards. After the game is loaded, you can log in by pressing Play As Guest.

Game Play:

In this billiard game, after determining the location of the ball you will hit with the mouse, you have to slide it to the right or left according to the position of the mouse cue without left clicking and releasing it. The farther you slide, the harder it hits.

How to Play Pool Game – Play Pool Game

A pool table and cues are needed to play a game of billiards. There are 2 types of billiard games. 3 Ball Pool and 8 Ball Pool. Play.

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In 3 ball pool game, there are no holes on the tables. You shoot with 1 ball and the color of this ball is white. If the ball you hit touches the other 2 balls, you score points and you have the right to shoot again. If it touches only one or none at all, the shot passes to the other player.

The other name of the 8 ball pool game is the American Billiard game. There are 2 types of balls in the American billiard game. You choose one and the other is your opponent. By shooting the white ball, you try to put the balls you chose into the holes except the black number 8 ball. If any ball enters the hole, you still have the right to shoot, you shoot until you can’t get it into the hole. If you put the black ball number 8 in the hole, then you take one of the balls out of the hole and put it back into the game.

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