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This Game is Tank Game – Tanx ie Tank game. Play tank game.

How to play the tanx game?

Tank game is a war game with tanks. The game is played with the W-A-S-D keys and the left click button of the mouse. When you click the left mouse button, your tank will fire. With the W-A-S-D keys, you have to destroy the enemies you see your tank will advance. You have to shoot the other tanks.

Play tank game. Wait When Start arrives, you press start and start the game.


Tanx – Tanx – Tanx – Tanx

The other tanx in this game, which is a tank war game, is your friend. If you shoot the other tank you will lose the game. While playing this game, you can collect ammunition, bullets and other items on the map. So when you go to Izmir with a tank, you get the item. For example, let’s say your tank was hit, then if you go to the repair mark on the map and pass over it to replenish your tank’s health, then your tank will be full.

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Computer games were invented after the invention of the computer. War games are the most popular games among computer games. Even though survival games have been popular on the island in recent years, war games can never be replaced. Let’s see if you will love this game which is a war game with tanks.

If you like shooting with a tank, destroying enemies with your tank, you will love this game.

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