The Lion and the Rabbit | The Fate of the Lion

The Lion and the Rabbit | Aslan’s Fate

The lion and the rabbit. The tale of the lion and the hare. Once upon a time, there was a strong or strong blessed lion living in the forest. This lion is the real king of the jungle. There was no other creature or lion stronger than him in the forest. Everyone who had put fear into the forest was afraid of him.

Although the lion was both majestic and powerful, he was strong but not humble. He was a proud and arrogant lion. One day, the lion gathered the people of the forest and went to a high place and cried out to the people. O people, you are the slave and I am the master. If I want, I’ll catch you all and eat you. I’m stronger than all of you. That’s why he said you have to do what I say.

Since the other animals living in the forest were very afraid of the lion, they did not say anything to his statement. They said yes, sir, you are right, you are the king. Because when the lion roared, they all sought a place to escape from fear. However, not only was the little rabbit afraid of the lion, he even dreamed of destroying the lion when he grew up and saving the forest people from its tyranny.

Years passed, and the little rabbit grew to become the fastest runner and the smartest animal in the sprawling forest. He was smarter than that cunning fox. The rabbit thought, moved and decided that it was time to defeat the lion.

He had to come up with a good plan to destroy the lion. He had the plan in his mind, imagined what he would do, and decided to plan it down to the last detail and put the plan into practice. The rabbit’s plan was to throw the lion into the bottomless well in the middle of the forest. He had a good plan to do this. He decided to implement the plan and set out for the cave where the lion lived.

Rabbit’s Plan

Reaching the lion’s house, the rabbit called out to him, hey, the lion king said, “Would you take a moment to look at me, I have something to tell you.” Hearing the sound from outside, the lion came to the door. What do you want, rabbit said.

Rabbit: I have a very nice gift for you, but you must catch me first to win the gift.

The rabbit was the fastest running member of the forest.

Aslan : Hah hah ha he laughed. He said what would happen if I caught a small flea like you. But he was also curious about the gift.

Rabbit: What have you got to lose, said the lion king. As a result, you will both win the gift and eat me with pleasure after you receive your gift.

When he said .. the lion said ok then start running, I’m after you.

The cunning rabbit started to run away. The rabbit ran ahead, the lion behind, they ran, they went straight on the creek and the lion was tired, and the rabbit, seeing this, decided to catch it.

Rabbit Caught

The lion, who caught the rabbit with one last move, said ohhh. How fast you run you are small but you are very fast. He said he almost gave up chasing you.

The rabbit, who was deliberately caught with the lion, has passed the final stage of his plan. Okay, the king of the forests, the great lion said, you won. Let’s go get your gift now, the lion’s eyes lit up when I said you’d eat me for dinner after you get your gift. He said okay, take me to my present, loser bunny.

The rabbit told the lion to follow him. The rabbit went ahead and the lion behind, and soon they came to a well.

-O king of the jungle, lion. Your gift is in this well. It is such a gift that whoever has it can fly like the birds that drink it. Like eagles, it may have sharp eyes to see far away. He said it would be as strong and indestructible as elephants. When the lion asks what is it, the rabbit is the water, the water in the well. The water of this well is magical. He said that whoever drinks this water will have the powers that I have just mentioned.

Hearing this, the lion hesitated a bit at first and thought if I jumped into the well and then how to get out. After all, there was magic water in the well. I’ll drink from that water and fly out of the well, and I’ll have super powers, what do I think, he said and jumped into the well. Thus, the lion was never able to get out of that well again. Both the rabbit and the other kind-hearted animals in the forest escaped from the lion. They continued to live their lives in joy and happiness. Let’s go to their caravan as they wish. This fairy tale ends here.

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