Super Kid Tom – Tom’s First Superpower – Part 2

Super Kid Tom, who has grown up now, has reached the age of 15 and has become a strong and powerful young man 1.90 cm tall and weighing 80 kg. At the age of 4, he decides to enter the forest again to try out what he can do in the trees and to meet the werewolf.


Waiting for it to be dark is the best decision to enter the forest. If he encounters the Werewolf he used to see again, he may need to fight him. For this, he decides that going into the forest in the dark will give him an advantage and waits for the night to happen. His mother cooked a meal belonging to the Arkansas region for breakfast and brewed the delicious tea they brought from Boston. Super Kid Tom comes to the kitchen with his mother to make this delicious breakfast with his mother. She tells her that she wants to help her mother and that she wants to prepare breakfast on the table under the trees in the garden, and she gets to work.

He takes the plate forks given by his mother to the garden, takes things like bread, salt, etc. and sets the table. Mother and son have a nice breakfast together in the fresh air, accompanied by the sounds of birds singing in the trees. While having breakfast, he thinks he will go to the forest at night and makes his plans.

He also wants to contribute to his mother for the livelihood of the house, but he has not yet found how he can do this, and he constantly thinks about how I can earn money, whatever I do, and if I sell and earn money, I can support my mother. After secondary school, Tom did not go to town to leave his mother because he did not have a high school in their village. If he can earn money, maybe he and his mother can move to the town center and fulfill his dream of studying in the high school he wants so much.

Fight with the Werewolf in the Forest

The whole day passes in Tom’s thoughts of making money, and night falls. After dinner, her mother takes her braid and retires to her room. After telling Super Kid Tom that he is tired all day long. He will go to bed early. Tom goes to his room. He arranges his bed, puts clothes in it. And puffs up his bed so that if his mother looks at him; he feels asleep. Then it enters the forest by filtering through the glass. It is completely dark now.

Since there is no light in the forest, the eye cannot see. Tom waits for a while to get his eyes used to the darkness and waits and looks around. His eyes are completely accustomed to darkness, fortunately, the moon grandfather shines brightly that night, illuminating the whole thing. Tom has already begun to enjoy flying from tree to tree, jumping from branch to branch.

In the meantime, he tries not to make a sound. Maybe there is a possibility that he can see the werewolf he saw at the age of 4. Indeed, he soon starts and pauses, hearing a crunch. At that moment, standing quietly on a branch at the top of a tree with one leg bent forward, the other leg slightly bent on the right side, he sees again the werewolf with huge teeth. The downside is that the werewolf also saw him, although he was hidden in so many trees.

Tom and Trees

There is no possibility of escaping as it is in the tree, the werewolf also climbs the tree and gets close to Tom’s bottom and they come to eye. Super Kid Tom doesn’t want to wait too long, thinks “I have to attack and surprise him before he attacks.” But while Tom is thinking, the werewolf has already made the move to him. Tom falls out of the tree, losing his balance with a nail blow coming towards him. Tom, who lies unconscious on the ground until morning, awakens the sounds of birds singing before sunrise in the early hours of the morning. He cannot move his right arm and sees blood in his leg. The werewolf bit him in the leg and left. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped and the blood dried up in his leg.


Before seeing her mother, she should enter the house and wash, and sew her leg with a needle and thread. Seke Seke gets forced to go home. Fortunately, his mother has not yet woken up. Having washed in the bathroom and cleansing the blood, Super Kid Tom quietly takes a needle and thread from the house and goes back to the forest. After all, no one can see him there. Writhing in pain in the forest, he takes off his bloody pants, sews the wound on his leg with a needle thread, and wraps a bandage around his leg.

Later, he wears the new trousers he brought with him and the bloody and cut trousers dig into the ground and buries them, thus destroying the evidence. He goes home and goes to bed without showing the pain of his leg. Tom never gets out of bed that day, when his mother says if my son is sick, he says yes, he feels flu and falls asleep. He has terrible nightmares in his sleep and bad dreams and wakes up in the middle of the night in the middle of the darkness. Tom takes off his pajamas to check his leg, and whatever he sees, the wound is completely healed.


Super Kid Tom can’t understand how this happened, he can’t understand it, but as a result, something good happened. 7 days pass and that night is the time of full moon. In other words, the moon grandfather becomes 1 completely round round in 30 days, or this time is called a full moon. Werewolves howl and beckon each other on a full moon. That night, too, the werewolf in the forest howls, and Tom, impressed by this howl, cannot stop himself from going to the forest. In the middle of the night, Tom finds himself deep in the forest.

Suddenly, the werewolf who bit him comes next to him, but he is not attacking Tom, he even started talking like a human, let alone attacking. He tells Tom that he should not be afraid, knowing that he was biting him, that he was getting old, that he would die soon, and that he had to inherit his powers before he died. Here says my heiress I have chosen, you are the new owner of my powers. You will learn and recognize these powers over time and you will get used to them. My only wish from you is to always use your new powers for good and die. Tom, who does not expect this situation at all, is astonished, but he collects himself immediately, buries the werewolf under the ground and returns to his home.

Reaching 3 Superpowers

The werewolf says the forces, I wonder what are the forces he calls? Tom’s only strength is that he can fly from tree to tree. Has new powers been added to this power? Looking forward to nightfall the next day to learn about his new powers, Tom Goldman goes to the forest at midnight and tries to recognize his powers. First, he tries to jump, and one finds that he can easily jump to the top of the tallest tree. He realizes that he can jump to the clouds if he wants. He then tries to focus and hear, and hears the crawling sounds of worms under the ground, and he becomes more focused and hears the snoring sound of his mother in the house.

So it is a key to hear the sound it wants to focus on. Super jump and super hearing powers have reached exactly 2 super powers now. Tom Goldman is very happy to have his new powers. Do I have any other strength as well? he thinks and moves on. While walking through the forest, he saw a bus-sized rock right in the middle. It’s a big rock. Will this be able to move the rock? He comes near the rock, holds it and lifts it up easily. He has learned another super power. The new power, namely the third power, is also the force.

Power Enjoyment

Super jump, super hearing and super strength have 3 new powers now. While he was trying to lift the rock, he felt a tingling in his eyes at that moment and his eyes were closed and their color turned red. It is now an Alpha. So the leader has been a werewolf. His eyes have also developed and gained night vision. Now he can see completely in the dark and can select any object. The new powers that Tom got from the werewolf have been 4. Super bounce, super hearing, super strength and super vision. Returning to his home and bed in silence with the joy of his new powers, Tom lies peacefully on his bed and falls asleep imagining what he can do with his powers.

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