Read Short Stories Friends of Jin and Tom

Read Friends Jin and Tom Short Stories

If you come across the story of two friends named Jin and Tom when you search on the internet to read Short Stories, do not forget to read. It is a short story anyway.

Jin was a 10-year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed, slightly plump, cute and good boy. He did not have any friends, or even siblings. Jin was always crying to his mother about why my mother didn’t have siblings and expressed his regret. There were children playing in the alley in Jin’s hometown of Boston, but Jin was afraid to go to them because he did not know these children and was content with watching them play ball from the window.


Jin felt like he was bursting with boredom as he sat on the balcony on an ordinary hot weekend day and watched the children playing in the garden. At that moment, he decided to go and meet the children outside, and he was a little afraid of them because he witnessed them fighting and cursing each other sometimes, but he said it was better than sitting at home and went downstairs.

The children were playing in teams of four. There were 8 children in total. He went to the children during the half-time match and said openly that he wanted to join them. None of these children answered, only one would not have said, go away from here. At that time, he realized that the leader of the other children was the boy who fired him to go to this distance. He felt that the other children were afraid of him. He remembered that he was bored at home and did not reverse. No, I can’t go, I will join you, if it doesn’t suit you, he said, go away. He could not help but wonder how I said this without being afraid.

The child, who did not expect a reaction and an answer like this, was stunned, and when he replied, “What do you say, why am I going to go?”, One of the other children intervened to prevent a fight. Wait a minute, friends said that nobody should go, there is a place for us all, let’s play together. Then, when the other children nodded yes and yes, a compromise was reached. Jin now has new friends, but if it weren’t for the kid in the intervention, maybe he would have to fight. Who was this guy who got in the way and watched over Jin thought I should get to know him. Read short stories stories for kids.


Jin came another boy who started playing with the other boys and they started five-on-five games. When the boy protecting Jin during the match came to him, Jin thanked him for his behavior and asked him for his name. What did your name say, my name is Jin? The other boy is my name, Tom, pleased to meet you and held out his hand. So they both became friends. Just then, when Jin’s mother called him from the balcony, “It’s getting dark, come home, Jin”, he told Tom that Jin had to keep his way home. They said goodbye to meet tomorrow and left. Jin was very happy to go to his house and now he has a friend. While having dinner at home, he thought Tom was a good boy, maybe the two of them will be friends for a lifetime. He went to bed early and slept for the next day. Read short stories stories for kids.

The next day Jin and Tom go swimming

In the morning, his mother woke Jin up and breakfast is ready, and my son said, come to the table. Jin replied, “ Okay mommy, ” and ran to the table. She made her breakfast and got dressed to go out on the street. Just then someone from the outside called out Jinnnnn, who was looking out curiously. He also saw that Tom shouts from below.

-Heyyy Jin asked if we are going to swim in the sea, would you like to come too?

-Jin: I want to ask my mom, if she will let me take my shorts and come. She asked her mother, took off her scar, took her sea shorts and jumped downstairs. Jin felt very happy. Until then, the boy who had no friends at home playing games with his tablet and phone, now even goes to the sea with his new friends.


While going to the sea with Tom, Jin learned that other friends other than him would come to the sea. He was very excited that he would also have new friends. When Jin and Tom later joined David and Alex, they became four musketeers. They all went to the sea, jumping and playing, playing camel wrestling and swimming in the sea. The 4 friends, who had a lot of fun on the beach all day, left the beach as the evening approached and set off for their homes.


Jin came to his house after leaving his friends and told his mother about the friends he made in the last two days and the games he played with them. She told her mother Jin that she was very happy for her and friendships were very important. It ended like this in this story. 3 apples dropped from the sky, one for Jin, the other for me, the last apple for you.

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