Retirement statement from Jim Carrey: I’ve had enough of this job

“If the angels bring me a script written in golden ink and this story will be important to people, I can go down this path again”
World-famous American comedian Jim Carrey surprised everyone with his retirement announcement. “I’ve done enough of this job,” said Carrey, announcing that he was considering retiring and would no longer be acting.

Famous comedian and actor Jim Carrey, one of the most important names in Hollywood, announced that he is considering retiring and will no longer act.

In an interview he attended, Jim Carrey answered “I am retiring” when asked if he is interested in a project directed to him. While the reporter could not hide his surprise at the answer he received, the famous actress Carrey said, “I’m pretty serious.”

Carrey left the door open, saying, “If the angels bring me a screenplay written in gold ink and this story is going to be important to people, I might go down that path again.” The famous actor stated that he was determined to take a break, although it was not clear that he had completely quit acting. The famous name of Hollywood said, “I’ve done enough of this job”.

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