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Romance Novel Time Travel

The subject of our story called Time Travel, which is a romance novel; It is the sometimes sad and sometimes cheerful love story of Turkish and Russian citizens Cem and Annabelle. The events in this love story have no relation whatsoever to reality. It is recommended that you put yourself in Cem or Anna’s shoes and feel the emotions while reading the story. I guarantee that you will read the story in one breath, as long as you associate it with our feelings and read it. This is not a true love story, it is just fiction.


That night was the coldest night in Turkey’s history, maybe. The cold weather in Manisa was stubbornly falling down below zero for days. Thermometers began to show -50 degrees; the screams of the woman who lived with her husband in a detached house broke the silence of the night … .. continue the love story


Shouting was Annay, a woman of Russian nationality in her 30s. Anna to bring the country which left the baby; in the womb of the world had come to Turkey a year ago. He had to work in order to survive in this new country. He came from, and he was all alone, fate brought Cem against him. Cem was a 35-year-old English teacher at a private high school. He was translating the translation offices. He had contracted with for additional income during the remaining time from the school. While he was teaching English at school during the day. He was drowning in documents waiting for translation at night and worked until midnight. Until this age;Cem had not married because he could not find the love of his life.

he was for a love marriage; if he could not fall in love;he was not in favor of marrying for reason. Since he does not have a social life; due to his time between home and school. He could not find the woman he would fall in love with. Cem and Anna met at the translation office. In order to earn money and survive in Anna; She applied to the translation office. And said that she knew Turkish and could translate Russian documents into Turkish. But the office worker turned Anna down and said they didn’t need a Russian interpreter. Meanwhile, Cem overheard what was spoken in the room. Struck by Anna’s facial expression when she was rejected. Her conscience said she could help Anna.


Gathering his courage, he came to the woman and he was both a teacher; He also said that he was a translator and; that he could find a translation job according to Anna. At first, Anna did not have the power to decline Cem’s offer, although he was a little hesitant. Cem and Anna left the office together. Cem first took him to the school where he taught, and then showed him his class. He bought him a line and a cell phone to be able to communicate. When she said she would cut expenses from her salary gradually, Anna accepted the phone and the line.

Anna was staying at the hotel, a janitor was wanted for Cem’s school. If Cem makes Anna a janitor at school; He convinced him that he would save on hotel expenses; and would have plenty of time for translations. When he explained the situation to the principal. He agreed to hire Anna as a janitor at the minimum wage. There was only one room in the basement of the school where Anna could stay.

It was up to Cem to make this room habitable. Then they took the necessary second-hand items; such as table, chair, bed, refrigerator and placed them in the room. Thus, for Anna, it became a house to live in if it was a favorite. Actually, Cem was impressed when he first saw Anna. But he didn’t know it was love. For him, love was not an emotion that could arise so quickly. It should have been formed after labor and memories, but he was wrong. He fell in love at first sight, and he would later realize that. Continuation of the romance novel time travel e-book ..


Cem left Anna’s house and headed to his detached house from his late father. He thought of what he had experienced that day on the way. But he had gone through a lot, and he felt blissful and blissful somewhere. This feeling, what else could it be because it was helping someone in need! He came home, took his shower, prepared. His meal, and remembered his loneliness and felt sad again.

She was experiencing this sad feeling while eating alone at home every night. He was used to this feeling and admitted his loneliness. She remembered the happiness and joy she felt while coming home. Smiling with herself and started the translation job. Now there was someone to help. This willingness to help gave him strength and perseverance; the source of which he could not understand. She had to find work as a Russian translator for Anna. Anna sent an e-mail to all translation offices.

She knew and asked if they needed a russian translator. She was very hopeful for the next day’s answers. He would be even more happy; when he found an additional job of translator for Anna. When the translation work of that day was finished, he fell asleep on his bed; morning was very quick. Whereas he just lay on his bed; But he saw that the rooster in the garden began to crow as if singing. Wake up, he seemed to say it’s going to be a very good day. Continuation of the romance novel time travel e-book ..

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