Russian Mine Seen in the Western Black Sea Detonated

Ministry of National Defense, footage showing the measures taken by the Naval Forces Command against the threat of drifting mines in the Black Sea.
In the Western Black Sea, minesweepers and patrol vessels provide support to the mine surveillance activities carried out from the air with maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). While mine-hunting ships in the Engin and Aydın classes undertake important tasks in combating mines with sonar systems and unmanned underwater vehicles, a light autonomous underwater device is also used in the detection of mines. After the mine is detected, it is the turn of the SAS teams for the destruction mission.

According to the characteristics of the area where the mine is detected, the teams that are disembarked from the ship or helicopter first ensure safety.
It caused panic in the Bosphorus! Breathtaking moments… Exploded like this © Powered by Hürriyet It caused panic in the Bosphorus! Breathtaking moments… Exploded like this

After the security of the region is taken, the mines of the SAS teams are destroyed.

In the statement made yesterday by the Ministry of National Defense about the drifting mines, mine surveillance activities in the Black Sea continue from the air and from the sea, SAS teams are put in a high readiness state, and the Naval Forces Command in coordination with all relevant institutions and organizations, including the Romanian and Bulgarian Naval Forces, said. It was stated that the measures were continued to be taken.

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