Sandstorm nightmare in Manisa province! The roofs of the houses were blown off, there was damage to the cars.

The sandstorm, which was effective in Manisa, paralyzed life. The roofs of many houses were blown off due to the strong wind, while the falling tiles damaged the vehicles. On the other hand, due to the sandstorm, citizens had difficulty walking on the road.

Sandstorm nightmare in Turkey.

Sandstorm nightmare in Manisa! Roofs of houses are blown off, cars are damaged

After the warnings of the meteorology for days, the sandstorm from North Africa was effective in Manisa. With the effect of the storm, the tiles on the roof of a 5-storey building on Kenzi Street in the Şehzadeler district, Ayni Ali Neighborhood, were removed. Tiles thrown onto the street by the effect of the storm damaged 1 minibus and 4 cars. The police, who came to the area upon the notice, closed the street to traffic, while the firefighters collected the tiles on the upper floor of the building with a crane.

Onur Mutlu, owner of the car, whose rear window exploded as a result of the falling tiles, said, “There is a damage of approximately 6 thousand liras in my car. It will cost you money.”

On the other hand, due to the sandstorm, citizens had difficulty walking on the road.


The roofs of 10 buildings were blown off due to the sandstorm, which was especially effective in Şehzadeler and Yunusemre districts.


In the district of Şehzadeler, 2 window glasses of Vicdan Karaosmanoğlu Primary School were broken due to the storm, causing minor injuries to 2 students.

It was learned that the health status of the students was good.

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