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Jump from Trampoline Game – Play Flip Master

Hello friends, If you want to play a funny and fun simple game, here is a funny and entertaining game for you. The name of the game is Flip Master. Simple game play fun. You can bounce the element on the trampoline in the game. Although the gameplay is a little difficult at first, it feels very easy when you get used to it.

Our character is jumping constantly. We can jump and move it in any direction we want. In order to do this, the character ie the jumping man is in the air; Left click and drag the mouse to where you want it to go. The funny thing is, if you drag it fast, the guy’s head gets stuck in the wire fences. Later, save the stuck head and see if you can save it :)))

Play simple game yes you can stay on this page to play an easy game.

Scoring in the game

You can also get points in the game. The more you can flip the element in the air, the more points you get. In the game, you have to take the jumping man left and right with flexible movements. As soon as the man lands, release the left mouse button. While in the air, press the left mouse button and drag it to the place you want. However, if you release the left mouse button without touching the ground as soon as you land, you will lose. The game is over, you cannot get points.

If you are tired of the popular games, that is, if you are bored; then you can play this easy and different game. Today, games such as Call of Duty or Pubg Mobile are constantly being played. Even if they are not actually one of the boring games; when the person constantly plays the same game; He may get bored and search for different games. In this case, this game is for you. It is a one on one game to spend time and have fun. If you want your little child not to be bored with something to spend time with, you can open this game and play it.

This game can be played by adults. A nice game to pass the time has a different content. Flash player has been removed, so google has terminated Flash Player support. So if you have deleted Flash Player from your computer, this game will not open for you. If the game does not open then you will need to install Flash Player on your computer first.

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