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3 Beautiful Simulator Games You Can Play Anytime

If you want to recommend Simulator Games, I can recommend you 3 different games. Whichever is the best, I think Taxi Sim, but it depends on the person. Farming Simulator is also one of the most popular simulation games.

1-Farming Simulator 16 – We become farmers, harvest and feed animals

2-Taxi Sim 2020 – We become a taxi driver and earn money

3-Police Patrol Simulator – We become police and patrol

1-Farming Simulator 16

We are farming in Farming Simulator 16. We harvest the crops we plant, we can do animal husbandry, timber cutting and selling. We can buy new land and plant different plants.

The team can sell the crops we harvest and earn money and buy new construction machines. It is the most popular version of this farm simulator game, which is a very nice game for those who love or miss farm life. Those who play the game from the emulator can turn the harvesting process on and off with the letter V from the keyboard.

With the letter F, we can turn on and off various functions of our machine. We can switch to tractor or tow truck with the letter R. There is also night in the game .

If we are driving at night, the vehicle’s headlights turn on automatically. The vehicles have gasoline and the gasoline status can be followed from the fuel gauge.

We can cut trees with the appropriate one out of 50 different tools. In this game, we can use 50 different machines. We bring the vehicle closer to the tree, it grabs the tree from the bottom and cuts it off.

You can also play Farming Simulator with your friends in multiplayer. It is considered as a separate advantage to join the caravan of games with multi-player support.

Taxi Sim 2020

As you start with a normal sedan and earn money, it is possible to buy more beautiful cars such as SUVs, Jeeps, or even better ones, and add pleasure to the game.

Really fun game this taxi sim 2020. We have a taxi in this game and there are lots of customers waiting for taxis on the streets.

After the customers get into our car, the route they will take appears as a route on our small map.

By following the red line that appears there, we must reach our customer where he wants to go.

If we have an accident while driving our vehicle, our money is gradually decreasing as the cost of the accident.

For this, it is important to move forward without hitting pedestrians or other vehicles without crashing on the pavement.

Do not go through a red light.

Another nice feature of the game is that as we earn money from our customers, we can buy new and beautiful cars with our accumulated money.

3-Police Patrol Simulator – Simulator Games

We become the police in this simulator game. Whatever the police do, we will do.

We are embezzled by a police car at the beginning of the game and we tour with this car. So we’re on patrol. It is our duty to nab the irresponsible drivers speeding on the streets.

We must do everything we can to uphold the law. We can even do an alcohol test for the drivers that we can translate and ask for their driver’s license.

We have to earn money in this police simulator game which has been downloaded more than 5 million times. We start with $500 initially. We can get petrol in our car and wash it.

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