Super Boy Tom’s Stories – Part 1

The Stories Of Super Kid Tom Start:

On September 18, 1920, a stormy weather prevailed in Hope Village in Hempstead County, Arkansas. The villagers were looking at the weather and started saying very heavy rain behind it as they became anxious. Indeed, before long it was pouring rain, as if someone from above was spraying pressurized water; as if the sky was pouring. In the history of Hope Village, not so many raindrops have come together and rained there.Tom’s Stories.

What was the feature of that day? Why was it raining so much that day! The inhabitants of the village generally had the habit of tying this to something; when supernatural events in this way were the firsts that did not happen in village history.

Heavy Rain – Super Kid Tom Stories

They glanced at each other and asked if anyone in our village was born or died today. But there was no answer. Nobody could say anything because there was someone who was neither born that day nor died that day, 18 September. From the violence of the rain, everyone took refuge in the sheltered place of the strongest building. They were talking about when the rain would pass. There were a lot of people among them who said that this summer rain will pass soon. Just then, they saw someone running through the rain. Was he crazy or what was he daring to get into this rain! They looked at them with curiosity, who was this person who came running and shouting at them?

It was none other than Aunt Mia who came running over them in the rain. They were going to ask Aunt Mia why did you run this far in this rain so that Aunt Mia. Who did not give them the opportunity to talk. Run quickly and bring a midwife from the town and get a doctor to give birth to a Golden Girl. She said, she needs help. Upon this, they called the town and even though they said that an emergency midwife; or doctor should come for the birth, when the health center informed that the person in charge; could not send due to the weather conditions. They said that the job was in charge and the midwife in the village; Sophia, knocked on the mother’s door.

Arrival of Midwife Sophia

Stories of Super Child Tom Birth:

The now very old midwife. Miss Sophia, quit midwifery 5 years ago and retreated at her home. Her eyes could not see as well as before. However, since there were no other midwives in the village, there was no other choice but him. Fortunately, Sophia Hanim successfully completed her mission and gave birth to the Gold Girl. Just then, when the birth took place. The rain stopped and the sun came out and it was amazing. But the birds started singing as if they were singing.

The whole villager was astonished, there was something about the baby that was born. Everyone was beginning to sympathize with the newborn baby. The mother of the baby, Lady Gold, was very happy because she had longed for a child for years and had never had any children, but finally, God Almighty gave her a boy like a nurball, whose prayers were accepted. A white-bearded grandfather, who had entered his mother’s dream before the child was born, had given the baby’s name to his mother. His name was given. The name of the new member of the Goldman family was recorded as Tom Goldman.

Super Kid Tom is Born

Super Child Tom stories postpartum:

Gold lady was experiencing emotions she had not experienced in her life because she took her baby in her arms, but she was also very sad. If only his late father could see their son, but one month ago his wife Michael Goldman had succumbed to cancer and passed away. The woman consoled herself that maybe her father saw her son from heaven. Although 30 days have passed since the death of her husband, the pain of losing her had not subsided for Lady Gold. After that, he decided to bury all his pain and comfort his only son Tom Goldman and raise him with happiness. He would never tear out of his eyes again, so he swore to himself.

After Super Kid Tom started sucking his first breast milk, he stopped crying and started laughing, that smile made Lady Gold decide to bury her pain and always laugh. Baby Tom didn’t cry after that, he always laughed and smiled. It made everyone who saw him very happy.

Tom The Distributor of Happiness

In fact, the people of the village were constantly eroding the door of Lady Gold just to see the baby and be happy even if it was short, they were bringing gifts, desserts, and meals on the pretext. It had been almost a year since the baby Tom was born, and it was as if the people of the village had changed completely in this last year. Everyone was smiling all the time and competing in helping each other. Whatever was happening, it felt good, and the whole village knew that it was the baby Tom that all happened.

Super Kid Tom 2 Years Old

Stories of Super Kid Tom Age 2: One more year has passed and Tom is two years old. He could not walk at the age of 1 like the other children. He was retiring from the age of one to two, and always those who loved him were very upset that he could not walk. I wonder if he will ever walk! There were even those who thought. However, it was not what they were afraid of and Tom Baby met the age of 2, so he stopped crawling at the age of 2 and started walking or even running. This was happening on his birthday, the people of the village were in a bewilderment. We already knew a miracle in this child, they were saying that he was achieving success in a planned way; between them.

Their house had a front and a back garden. His late father left them 5 acres of field and a cute little house at the far end of the village. Tonguç and his mother earned their living from the fields. Every October, her mother took the nuts she collected from her backyard trees to the town and sold them to the best price from the merchants there. With the money he received, he was providing for his son Tom and himself for 12 months, or 1 year.

Fortunately, their house was not rent, but he bought his flour in sacks and made his bread himself. He made his cheese and yogurt weekly with the milk he bought from a neighbor, who had cows, and paid the annual milk money to his neighbor when he sold the nuts. They were not rich, of course, but they were not dependent on anyone. Thank God, Gold lady was providing her son and herself with the money she earned from hazelnuts.

Fruit Trees

There were a lot of fruit trees in the front yard of the Goldman family home. At the time, his father thought ahead and planted fruit trees such as mulberry, apricot, fig, olive, peach and plum in the front garden. By the time Tom was 2 years old, these trees were branched and snagged, their height became very long and they began to bear plenty of fruit. When Tom was crawling before learning to walk, his mother sat him on a shrub that he had laid in the middle of the trees and took him up to the tree.

Tom would watch his mother in the tree over the blanket and sigh and wait for the time he would climb these trees one day. When he came, he never came down from the trees and always thought of living there.

Tom is 3 Years Old

Stories of Super Kid Tom Age 3:

It was a day before Tom was 3 years old, and the whole villager was excited, after all, he was different every birthday and achieved a new success. I wonder what he would do on this birthday! His mother was very upset that Tom could not speak yet, and he occasionally got into trouble with his neighbors. They were saying that he was in vain anxious not to feel sorry for his neighbors Lady Gold (anxiety = negative thought) and that Tom would talk about being a healthy child sooner or later.

Boys speak late compared to girls, children who speak even at the age of 5, don’t worry, they said, “Lady Gold”. His mother suddenly remembered that Tom had excelled on every birthday. Maybe he would speak out of the blue on this birthday, as he walked out of nowhere on his last birthday. Would such a miracle happen? Fortunately, there was 1 day left until Tom’s birthday, and 1 day passed. The next day he woke up in the morning and went to his son, but he was still the same. Gold lady was sad and heartbroken, but she knew that she had to wait patiently, thanking God and started to continue her life.

Birthday Party

It was the first time for Tom that he was throwing a birthday party for the third year, and he started preparing for his first party. With the balloons he bought from the town, he decorated the tiny living room of his tiny house, and he bought colorful and shiny ornaments and glued them to the walls. After all, they were going to celebrate their only son’s 3rd birthday. He sighed if only my late wife was alive and saw these days. The party was to be held at exactly 1:00 am, when the sun was in full swing.

Everyone would come for lunch. After dinner, the cake would be cut and Tom would blow out candles. It was noon and the guests started to come. Since the whole village loves Tom, almost the whole village came to the party with gifts in their hands, and his mother was not surprised because he was already waiting for this. For those who came to the party, Lady Gold had 2 pizzas made from the bakery in the village. He started to make a large cauldron of foamy ayran from natural village yoghurt and offer the pizza and ayran to the visitors.

Tom’s 2nd Miracle – Super Kid Tom’s Stories

They ate dinner and then they were just about to begin the ceremony of cutting the 5-layer cake, which he specially made for his birthday, a gift from the pastry man Alex, when Tom suddenly started talking and singing like a nightingale. Everyone was shocked, but as if they knew it. Because Tom was showing a miracle every birthday. They were already wondering what a miracle he would show at the age of 4.

Tom told his mother to chat and talk for hours, when he was a year old, that he understood everything very well, but he could not speak the words as if he had glue in his mouth, even though he knew the words. While the cake was about to be cut, it was as if someone unlocked it with the key and said that he could speak as he wanted. Now both his mother and Tom were very happy and the mother and son were having a great time together.

Tom Hits the Tree – Super Kid Tom’s Stories

One day Tom and his mother came there to pick fruit from the trees in the front garden. As usual, his mother laid a cover under the trees and told Tom that he would sit here and wait, and he would go up to the tree and fill the fruit in the small basket in his hand. His mother climbed onto the tree and started collecting the fruits one by one. By the way, Tom had even glared at the fig tree, which was not too high, even before he called his mother, he got up slowly and started to move towards the fig tree. He was determined not to reveal to him, maybe just because his mother wouldn’t let him.

After all, from the first moment he saw the trees, he was looking forward to the day when he would rise above them. He reached out on the tree and climbed up easily, pressing a few branches, it seemed like a piece of cake to him. How easy it was to climb the tree. He began to think that he could jump from tree to tree, let alone climbing, and could not stand this thought and jumped to the apricot tree and from there to the mulberry tree. Tom felt like a monkey, but not an ape, but how was it that he could literally fly to a tree that was tree more agile than a monkey!

Truths – Tom’s Stories

He decided not to tell anyone, even his mother, of his newly discovered power, and Tom quickly descended from the tree and returned to the cover. When he returned to the cover, his mother was still picking fruit on the tree, unaware of anything. His mother still could not believe that her son could speak without interruption in a series like grown-ups. She was proud of her son, but she didn’t show that she was so proud that she wouldn’t be spoiled.

It was getting dark and they entered their tiny house together, while his mother tried to light the stove, his son Tom knew how he thought he had such power, like a cat, he had to push the limits of his power. However, he did not tell anyone about his inner voice. He decided to jump and work in the garden only at night while his mother was asleep in order to increase their strength and fully discover them, but these works had begun to hang over the forest outside the village, let alone the garden.

The Werewolf Curse

At night, Tom went out after his mother slept, and he went into the forest, where everyone who was always dark and foggy near their house was very afraid, and when they heard the name of the children, they pissed under. Nobody dared enter that forest at night. Villagers were telling stories about the forest. The brothers Andre and Alan once went to the forest behind the village to hunt and never came back. Thereupon, a group of police officers, gendarmes and villagers started looking for them in the forest. Nothing was found after days of searches, and it was the terrible incident that eventually made them stop searching. One of the police officers, one of the two gendarmes, that is a 3-person search team, heard a terrible sound and was startled while they were walking through the forest in the dark.

They all immediately went back to a place of protection and looked around and tried to understand where the sound was coming from. Suddenly, a wild creature resembling a man and a wolf with a terrible head appeared. As soon as they saw the creature, they ran out of the forest without even looking behind them. From that day on, this werewolf story has been told verbally and the name of the forest has gone up to the terrible werewolf forest. I don’t know if the Toms’ house is bad luck, it was right at the bottom of this forest and even where the forest started. Tom could jump out of the window at night and get lost right in the forest in the dark.


Tom traveled from tree to tree at night for a full year, from 3 to 4 years old, digging the ground from tree to tree and moved under the ground like a mole. He built a lot of tree houses on the trees and nobody knew about them. The forest was like his real home, he loved the forest very much. If her mother heard that she was going to the forest, the woman would fall into her heart with fear, and she could have had a heart attack and died there.

One day before his 4th birthday, Super Kid Tom entered the forest at night, and while he was walking in the dark, he saw a shadow and climbed up to the tree. It was easier to watch this shadow from the tree and it would not show itself. He looked carefully at the shadow and looked, but what can he see?

Shadow – Tom’s Stories

The shadow he saw was a real werewolf. When he sees the werewolf, first startled and then decides to make a plan and not reveal himself, Tom remains silent to avoid trouble before his birthday and waits for the werewolf to pass. Although Tom is 4 years old, he has the courage of a 40-year-old warrior, and the mind and intelligence of a 1000-year-old sage. However, the biggest problem is short stature and weak body strength. Since he currently does not have the strength to fight a werewolf, he preferred to remain silent.

Age 4 Birthday

To celebrate Tom’s birthday the next day, his mother decorates the house as usual and makes a variety of dishes for the guests. In fact, their money is very low and there are no nuts to sell. However, her mother Lady Gold wants Tom to have a nice birthday party, and her son to be happy, even if he buys food with his last money, no matter what happens, because he cannot bear Tom’s sadness.

Birthday fun begins, meals are eaten, everyone eagerly awaits how Tom will succeed. After all, every year Tonm shows a miracle of success on every birthday. But this year is not what everyone expected, and Tom does not show any success. People (the public) who decide that Tom is a normal person, like everyone else, set out for their homes in the afternoon.

The Public Despair of Tom

Frustrated because Tom did not show any success, the public decides not to attend Tom’s birthdays again. They say he’s a little boy anyway. What are we doing on his birthday! They decide not to come to their birthday again, thinking that their friends of their age should attend. In fact, this is exactly what Tom wants. Because as he recognized his powers, he realized that he had to hide them. “Great powers demand great responsibility,” this is Tom’s word. He says great power demands great responsibility, and from now on he decides to hide all the powers he has learned and not to tell anyone, including his mother.

Tom’s Super Powers

Years pass after that, Tom’s birthdays are celebrated only with small children, and the people of the village are no longer interested. He reached the age of 19 and became a scrawny young man like a scattered lion. Everyone who sees Tom pauses as if he is standing in silence next to him and says, wow, how majestic and powerful the boy looks. By the way, Super Kid Tom, who is 19, has only one superpower. This power also applies to trees. It is a power that can easily jump from tree to tree, move more agile than a monkey on trees, and can easily hide and camouflage itself. Tom is eager and curious to fully learn and develop this power. As they grow, they will have new superpowers over time. He feels it inside.

In the next chapter, will Tonguç’s first superpower be able to make him the king of the forests?

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