The Associated Press wrote: The war in Ukraine is approaching a more dangerous stage

The war is approaching a new and potentially more dangerous phase, after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “military operation” launched on Ukraine on February 24, after Russian forces were stalled by outnumbered Ukrainian forces, the Associated Press reported. .

“Despite his lack of a quick victory, Putin is not giving up in the face of increasing international pressure, including sanctions on his economy,” the AP reported. expressions were used.

“The incompetence of Russian forces in Ukraine may be the biggest shock of the war so far,” the report said. it was said. It has been noted that after two decades of modernization and professionalisation, Russian forces were unprepared, poorly coordinated, and surprisingly stopable.

A month behind in the war, the extent of the losses of the Russian troops is not known in detail. NATO estimates that between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian forces died in the first four weeks. Russia had lost that number of soldiers in a ten-year war in Afghanistan.

Former US Secretary of Defense and CIA director Robert Gates said he “should be surprisingly disappointed” with Putin’s military performance.

“We see that Russian soldiers in Ukraine do not know why they are there, they are not very well trained,” Gates said. said.

The Ukrainian navy said on Thursday it had sunk a large Russian landing craft near the port city of Berdyansk.

Faced with strong Ukrainian resistance, Russian forces made little progress in capturing the capital, Kiev. A major Russian breakthrough is highly unlikely, the Atlantic Council said in an assessment released Thursday.

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