Things That Make You Happy

What are the things that make people happy? How does happiness gain vary from person to person?

What We Want to Be Happy

What are the things that make people happy?

  1. Food Eating, the pleasure of eating
  2. Dreaming
  3. Smile, Laugh
  4. Helping a Person, kindness
  5. Walk, Run, Jump
  6. take a vacation, travel
  7. feeling the sun from inside
  8. taking a shower, taking a bath
  9. Going to School or Work
  10. Fall in love
  11. Mom and Dad Still Alive
  12. Listen to music
  13. to be able to breathe
  14. Spend money
  15. Shopping
  16. Owning a new and latest model item
  17. Reading book
  18. Thank
  19. Be curious
  20. to achieve something
  21. Receiving a Message From Someone You Love
  22. Finding Your Forgotten Money After Days / Months
  23. Having a Sunday Breakfast
  24. Sleeping Late on Sunday
  25. Taking a Holiday on Weekdays
  26. heal when sick
  27. Looking at Old Photos
  28. Having a Collection
  29. Having Children
  30. holding hands
  31. Looking Into Their Eyes
  32. Hug
  33. Having a Good Spouse
  34. Sunbathing on the Beach
  35. Entering the Sea/Pool
  36. Coinciding with the Beginning of a Favorite Song on the Radio
  37. Having a Friend Who Makes You Laugh
  38. Having a Friend Who Can Listen to Trouble
  39. Watching the Sunrise
  40. Get wet in the rain
  41. Going to bed with the smell of clean sheets
  42. Getting Under the Quilt in a Cold Weather
  43. Drinking a Hot Coffee
  44. Going to a Live Music Venue
  45. Go abroad
  46. Vacationing Alone
  47. Making a Favorite Meal
  48. Making a New Friend
  49. Surprise of your lover / spouse
  50. Getting a Marriage Proposal
  51. To marry
  52. Honeymooning
  53. Learning to Have a Child
  54. Staring at the Stars
  55. Apologize
  56. Kissing
  57. To believe
  58. Trust
  59. be able to feel
  60. tickle, tickle
  61. Play a game
  62. Attending the New Year’s Eve Party
  63. Forgive
  64. Looking at a Funny Photo
  65. Believing You Are Different
  66. Being Aware of Waking Up Every Morning
  67. Having a Job
  68. Surprise Someone
  69. Celebrating Someone’s Birthday
  70. Hearing Your Mother’s or Father’s Voice
  71. Making a Baby Laugh
  72. Awareness of Being Healthy
  73. Being Positive
  74. Keeping the Promise
  75. Not Hiding Emotions
  76. Be the first
  77. Finding Something Long-Seeked
  78. Doing Anything No One Can Do
  79. Graduating from School
  80. Starting a New School
  81. Living in a New City
  82. Cycling
  83. Learning to Drive
  84. Teaching Someone Something
  85. Looking Around Carefully enough to Give Directions
  86. Volunteer
  87. To Say I Love You
  88. Be ashamed
  89. Making Someone Laugh
  90. Finishing Another Book
  91. Buying a New Book
  92. Exploring a New Place
  93. Knowing Thoughtful People Are Around
  94. Acting Selflessly
  95. not to hold grudges
  96. Don’t Get Angry Immediately
  97. Shopping for a Birthday
  98. Getting Excited for a First Date
  99. to be hopeful
  100. Understanding the meaning of death

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