Stories for kids – Tom is starting high school – Part 3

Stories for kids: Tom Goldman started to be very confident; not afraid of anything and very sociable with the comfort of 4 superpowers. He is now 15 years old and must go to high school.

Tom Starts High School

Tom Goldman Hope went to Hope High School in the center. And enrolled with his mother. He looks forward to the day the school will open. There are only 2 days left for the schools to open. Getting back to his new school and new friends meant exciting moments for Tom. Tom, who was impatiently awaiting the school’s opening Monday; also came to the stationery to buy supplies such as bags; notebooks and pencils that he would use at school.

Stories for Kids: Buying School Supplies

Super kid Tom had taken all the materials and prepared for a full time; and woke up early on the day he was going to school. Although it was 5 o’clock in the morning; and there was more than 3 hours before the school opened; Tom woke up early and was ready. After having breakfast, he said goodbye to his mother and went to school. Of course, it was not difficult for Tom to reach the school since. He had the power to fly over trees and jump from tree to tree.

First Day at School – Stories for kids:

Tom, who had come to school with his mother 2 days ago, learned his class. He was going to study at the 9-D branch. He came in front of his class excitedly and entered. Because he came to school very early, no one else came to his class yet. Everybody would come anyway. He chose the front row for himself and sat down and waited. Minutes passed and the students started coming to the class, one after the other. Tom hadn’t met anybody yet, talked or shared something. All the friends in the class were sitting in their desks without speaking; and there was silence as nobody knew each other.

Super kid Tom could not stand this silence and stood up and my friends; my name is Tom Goldman. He introduced himself because I am 15 years old; and would like to meet you all. Seeing this courageous behavior of Tom; the boy named Donald came to him; and held out his hand as my name is Donald and they shook hands. Tom had already made his first friend; and how did he know that Donald would be his best friend.

Child Stories Short

Meanwhile, the bell rang and the first lesson began, the first teacher to arrive was math teacher David Green. David Green entered the classroom and introduced himself, and I will teach you math this year, guys. I do not like those who speak in the lesson, the one who boils the lesson “Don’t look at the age of your eyes, I’ll get out of the classroom,” he started with a harsh speech. He added that I love students who value their lessons and work like friends, and I can be friends with them.

Math class is over, recess was over Tom and Donald went out. He said he would tell Donald Tom that he knew some children around him and what kind of people they were. Donald sneaked at some kids and said that this is Michael, he’s a very nice guy. Pointing to another boy, Donald, oh, that blond boy Bruce said, “We should stay away from this boy, it is very dangerous, he is a bellicose and abusive child. Every time they had a break on the first day of school, he showed him other children he knew and told him about them.

Going Home After School

The last lesson bell rang and everyone was running out of school and heading home. Tom too thought about his first day at school on his way home. He had a new buddy, Donald, who was both a man and a good boy. This boy was giving him information about the other children at school. Thinking that his high school days would be very good, he jumped into the trees and quickly reached his home.

Super Boy Tom Part 1

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