Turning off focus while cell phone camera recording | Canceling AF mode

Focus problem and solution on the phone

Every Android or iOS phone has camera programs in it. The camera application program is usually different in each brand phone. Although these programs have different features, the purpose is the same. Recording the images.. For this, they offer us some features during recording. Like, don’t focus.

Focusing can be explained as going to the part you want in an image that you will record and bringing it to the foreground. There is also an autofocus AF mode. In AF mode, for example, if you are recording a wavy sea with the camera, the captured image is constantly moving with every movement of the waves. The phone goes back and forth. He’s trying to focus on the waves. This, of course, makes a bad recording look frustrating. That’s why I felt the need to write this article for people who could not prevent this situation.

How to turn off or stop the moving image while the camera is recording ?

You go to the camera recording section and open the features. If there is AF turn off AF, that is, focus cancellation section in that section, you are lucky. Otherwise, the way to turn off the AF mode is to press and hold your finger on the screen when you start shooting, that is, camera recording. When you keep your finger pressed on the screen during camera recording, the AF lock is automatic and the image shaking stops. It’s all here. It’s that easy.

One of the problems with the original camera of the General Mobile GM9 Go phone is the focus and the other camera features not opening. How to turn off the AF mode of the GM 9 Go phone. The answer to the question of how to solve the focusing problem on the GM 9 Go phone is written in the paragraph above.

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