What are Corona Virus Symptoms? Corona Virus Protection Ways and Treatment

Corona virus symptoms are mainly fever and cough, but I had neither fever nor cough, my first symptom was cold and weakness. Neither cold nor weakness! Other corona virus symptoms are mouth, diarrhea, conjunctivitis and headache. In addition, rashes occur on the skin, this happened to me. There may be a loss in her sense of taste, I have not lost her taste, but my wife could not smell the mint, thyme and cumin. What are the ways to beat this disease?

Corona virus experiences in advanced stages – Corona virus ways to defeat

Those suffering from corona virus disease may experience difficulty breathing or shortness of breath in advanced stages. In this case, after the viruses have settled in the throat, it means that they have descended into the lungs and started to cover there. Chest pain or chest pressure may occur, and there may be loss of speech and movement. In such a situation, calling 155 emergency services and requesting an ambulance is the right thing to do.

Corona Virus Protection Ways:

Ways of protection from Corona virus, namely Covid-19, are to wash hands with soap, wear a mask and keep distance. Make sure to stay away from people who are sneezing or coughing after keeping your physical distance. Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose.

I Got The Corona Virus Thank God I got through and got well

Ways to beat the corona virus

What is the main way to beat the corona virus? Of course it is keeping our immune system strong. No medicine has yet been found for the corona virus. Corona medication is given to people with Covid 19, on the first day, you swallow 8 in the morning and 8 more in the evening. Then you finish the drug in 3 pieces in 5 days in total. The drug that heals 50% of the people who are good for the corona virus is a Japanese made drug. In fact, the drug was produced for the treatment of flu, but after it was found that it was good for corona, this drug was started to be used in patients with corona.

How to Strengthen the Immune System for Corona?

People caught with Corona virus, Covid 19, can overcome this disease in a short or very short time depending on the strength of their immune system. Unfortunately, in people with a weak immune system, the virus descends into the lungs, prevents the person from breathing in oxygen and causes death. In order to strengthen our immune system, we should consume foods containing probiotics, ie homemade yogurt, kefir, etc. natural lacto bacillus bacteria. Later, we should eat foods such as vinegar, pickles, boza, onion, garlic and regularly less cooked eggs every day. If we consume these foods to defeat the corona, our body will be stronger and our defense system will be like a tank. The corona will buzz to us and trot. I wish you healthy days.

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