What is Astrology ? Your 2021 Horoscope Comments

What is astrology ? Planets, Sun and Moon have effects on people’s life. Based on this information, astrologers can predict the future of a person or persons. Horoscope can be studied and written down for those who are prophesied.

Astrology History

The science of astrology first started in Babylon, then spread to Greece and reached Egypt and India. Babylonians traced the planets in the 6th century BC and made maps by transferring their movements in the sky to paper. Astrology, which spread to Asia after India and from there to Europe, has reached its present form.

Astrology, which is a branch of science that interprets the effects of stars and planets on people’s lives, is the oldest science in human history.

The oldest astrologers are the Caldians. The Kaldeleans are the current Iraqis. Kaldeliler are the first to record the information they find. It is known that the first records in this area go back to 5000 BC.

Astrology does not mean our destiny. This is a science. It examines opportunities, lucky times, delays or premature times. Astrology takes out your natal chart and gives information about you. It is always up to you to use your will. However, Astrology can be a helpful way for you not to miss the opportunities. It can enable you to find yourself in special periods when planets bring luck.

It is Astrology to express what the objects in the sky mean.

Written tablets from the time of the Sumerians were examined and the horoscopes emerged. There are 12 constellations on these tablets. Because of these 12 stars, today’s horoscopes are named.

How to Become Astrology

The Moon and Sun are studied, along with 8 different planets close to Earth. Interpretations are made about the rays emitted to the world according to the positions, positions and angles of the planets. People who study them are called Astrologers. Astrologers also draw maps by writing down the movements of the planets, the directions they are moving, and the states and situations of the astroids around them. If our world is a scene, planets are different characters in that scene.

Eastern and Western Astrology are different. Eastern Astrology maintains that everything depends on the planets that people cannot affect their fate. He thinks that there are little or no opportunities to direct fate.

Western Astrology is different from the east. He advocates the idea that Astrology is a tool for people to know themselves and make plans.

The moon changes sign every 2 or 2.5 days. Therefore, it can affect people in a short time. As the distance of the planets increases, the duration of stay in the signs increases.

Jupiter stays in a sign for 1 year.

Saturn stays in a sign for 2 or 2.5 years.

Uranus stays in a sign for 6 years.

Neptune stays in a sign for 10 years.

Pluto remains in a sign for 16 years.



The Year 2021 will go better for you than the previous year 2020. In 2021, your wishes will come true and happiness will meet you. Both Jupiter and Saturn are waiting for you. These two planets will both keep your spirits up and help you succeed in your endeavors. The only thing you need to pay attention to is your relationships. Pluto comes to hurt your relationships. He wants to spoil your relationships. You will achieve all the goals you set this year and receive a yes answer for your positive prayers.

Libra is open to improvement in all fields in 2021. May they pay attention to January and May, June and August and the beginning of September. During these periods, your love life can be damaged. You will meet new people and enter into quality and fun relationships. All your new relationships that will form this year will be level. 2021 will be your year of luck. This year your dreams will come true. In fact, the year 2021 will be considered as the beginning for the arrival of 2022. The real happiness, luck, fun and money will come for you in 2022 and will not leave you for 19 years.

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