What is Certificate of Inheritance?


The certificate of inheritance is a document showing who the heirs of a deceased person are determined and how the remaining property is shared. Obtaining the certificate of inheritance used to be a laborious and time-consuming task. Nowadays, when we come to 2021, it is easier to obtain the certificate of inheritance, and it can be obtained by petitioning through a notary.

Where to Buy Certificate of Inheritance? Notary Petition Sample

The other name of this document is the certificate of inheritance. Certificate of inheritance used to be issued only by the Magistrates’ Courts. The issuance of this document by the court is a difficult and laborious task that takes a long time. Today, with the law enacted after 2014, it can be given by both the Magistrates’ Courts and Notaries. You can obtain the certificate of inheritance by petitioning through a notary. You can download the notary petition sample of the certificate of inheritance here.

If you need to obtain a certificate of inheritance and you cannot get it through a notary, then you will need to get it from the Magistrates’ Court. In order to receive it by court, you must write a letter of inheritance.

If we get the document from the court, the timing is 5-10 days, if we get it from the notary public, it can be taken within 1 day, that is, the same day.

Certificate of inheritance is not issued via e-government. The certificate of inheritance can only be inquired over the E-Government. In other words, the person can query the certificate of inheritance, which has been entered and removed from his e-state page, through the e-government, download it to his computer and print it.

Penalty not to issue a certificate of inheritance:

The inheritance declaration must be issued within 4 months after the death occurs. If not, there is actually no penalty, but if there is an inheritance, that is, a property with a title deed, then there is a penalty for not making a real estate declaration because the real estate tax cannot be paid. This penalty is known as the inheritance and gift tax penalty.

Inheritance tax must be paid to the relevant tax office after the certificate of inheritance is issued. The rate of inheritance tax relative to the remaining inheritance is shown in the table below.

If the deceased has money in the bank;

If your deceased relative has money in the bank and he left this money to you as an inheritance, you have 10 years to withdraw the money from the bank. Amounts not withdrawn within 10 years are transferred to the state fund. In order to withdraw the money, a certificate of inheritance must be issued first, and then a declaration must be submitted to the tax offices in order to pay the remaining money and, if any, taxes on the property.

Money can be withdrawn from the bank with a letter from the tax office after the declaration. On this page articles written by the Republic of Turkey in accordance with the law. However, as the laws change from time to time, the 100% validity of the above writings may change according to history and maybe even disappear completely. Therefore, I recommend that you obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information from state institutions and notaries according to current laws.


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  1. i would like to know if the Certificate of Inheritance can be issued by the embassy government. i.e. the White House ?

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