What is the Stock Exchange? How to Earn in the Stock Exchange

how to earn stock exchange

What is the Stock Exchange? How does the stock market work? How to trade in the stock market?

What is the stock exchange and how to earn on the stock market? It is a state-sponsored organization under the control of the state. The stock market means a common pool for companies to generate revenue by selling their shares and recruiting new partners. You enter this pool with the real name of the intermediaries through intermediary institutions. You go to the brokerage house, you say that I will buy x shares of the company or something, and you will get these shares in your account. They wait there until you sell them.

Playing on the Stock Market

They say playing in the stock market, that means trading there. Those who want to make money in the Turkish stock market first apply to intermediary institutions in order to participate there. The most used intermediary institutions in Turkey are banks because they provide more trust. There are also private intermediary institutions other than banks.

You start by logging into the internet branches of banks and opening an investment account in the stock market. When the bank approves this account, it transfers money to the stock market and buys the desired company’s share with this money. The goal is to make a profit. So how do you make money in the stock market? How to make a profit in the stock market?

How to Earn in the Stock Exchange

In order to make money in the stock market, you must earn while buying. Before you buy the stock you decide to buy, you should examine and research it very well. Is the current price of the stock above or below the market price? What is the work of the company, that is the share you will buy in the stock market? Are these things valuable? Are these things popular? Does the stock you buy belong to a solid company? After doing these researches, you find the current price suitable to buy and buy as much as your investment decision. The purchasing process is very easy. You enter the internet branch with the login information given to you by the bank from your mobile phone or any computer, write the short name of the share you will buy and give the order to buy the number you will receive.

The answer to the question of what is the stock market and how to earn in the stock market is not limited to what is explained above. Those who know the investment decisions of the companies or know the profit values ​​to be announced by the companies in advance can buy the shares of the companies and earn profits before this information is disclosed.

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