World’s fastest flying bird found injured in Hatay

Gökdoğan, known as the fastest flying bird in the animal world, with a horizontal speed of 180 kilometers per hour in the air and 320 kilometers per hour while hunting, was found injured in Hatay. It was learned that the bird, which was determined to be injured by a gun, will be released back to its natural life after treatment.

In the Yuvalı District of the Hassa district of Hatay, a teacher saw a bird standing still. Realizing that the bird could not fly because it was injured, the teacher contacted the Hatay Nature Conservation Association. The Gokdogan bird with a gunshot wound was referred to the Nature Conservation and National Parks Hatay Branch Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and its treatment was started. Gökdoğan will be released back to his natural life after he recovers.

Hatay Nature Conservation Association President Abdullah Öğünç said, “An educator friend found him injured. The teacher called us and we gave information to the nature conservation national parks. The teams went to the scene to pick up the injured bird. Gökdoğan is one of the raptors and is the fastest. It feeds on small mammals in nature. “We can say that they are farmer-friendly like mice. The hunting season is over. It is forbidden to shoot the peregrine falcon, and legal hunters must fight to prevent such birds from being shot,” he said.

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